REET Syllabus & Exam Pattern 2022

REET or Rajasthan Eligibility Examination for Teachers is a state-level selection test held to appoint teachers in various government schools of Rajasthan. Also referred to as RTET or Rajasthan Teacher Eligibility Test, this competitive exam is conducted under the supervision of the Board of Secondary Education, Rajasthan or BSER.

Candidates aiming to crack this exam need to know the REET syllabus thoroughly. The syllabus has two subparts- Paper 1 is conducted for Level 1, and Paper 2 is conducted for Level 2. Below is the detailed syllabus, the exam pattern, and the interview that follows the written test.

REET Syllabus PDF :-Download PDF Here

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Subject List for REET Syllabus

Subjects for both levels of exams will be almost similar with different levels of difficulty. Additionally, aspirants would need to prepare for the science and social science syllabus only for level 2 and environmental studies specifically for level 1.

Additionally, aspirants can access REET syllabus 2022 from the net and compare it to this year’s syllabus for the changes they wish to make. The subjects are:

  1. Child development and pedagogy
  2. Environmental studies
  3. Mathematics
  4. Science
  5. Social Science
  6. Language 1
  7. Language 2

Exam Pattern

The REET exam papers have 150 objective questions, one mark each and no negative marking. Aspirants can appear for both Paper 1 and Paper 2 or just one. The duration for each paper is 2.5 hours. Paper 1 or level 1 is for classes 1-5, and Paper 2 or level 2 is for classes 6-8. Finally, the REET exam will be conducted online for the 2022 academic year.

Syllabus of REET for Level 1

Child development and pedagogy

  • Child development
  • Meaning and concept of learning and its processes
  • Individual differences
  • Understanding diverse learners
  • Teaching-learning process

Environmental Studies

  • Family
  • Clothes and habitats
  • Profession
  • Public places and institutions
  • Our culture and civilization
  • Transport and communication
  • Personal hygiene
  • Living beings
  • Matter and energy
  • Concept and scope of environment studies
  • EVS pedagogy


  • Mathematics pedagogy
  • Geometry
  • Profit and loss
  • Concept of fractions
  • Indian currency

Language 1 (Hindi/ Sanskrit/ English/ Urdu/ Punjab/ Gujrati/ Sindhi)

Language 2 (Hindi/ Sanskrit/ English/ Urdu/ Punjab/ Gujrati/ Sindhi)

REET English Syllabus for Level 1

  • Unseen prose and passages: synonyms, antonyms, spellings, word formation, one-word substitution
  • Parts of speech, tenses, determiners, change of degrees
  • Active and passive voice, phonetic symbols, knowledge of English sounds
  • English pedagogy: principles of teaching English

Syllabus of REET for Level 2

Child development and pedagogy

  • Child development
  • Meaning and concept of learning and its processes
  • Individual differences
  • Understanding diverse learners
  • Teaching-learning process


  • Microorganisms
  • Living beings
  • Human body and health
  • Infectious diseases
  • Diet
  • Animal reproduction and adolescence
  • Force and motion
  • Types of motion
  • Energy
  • Heat
  • Light and sound
  • Science and technology
  • Synthetic fibres and plastic
  • Solar system
  • Structure of matter
  • Chemical substances
  • Methods of science teaching
  • Innovation


  • Indices
  • Algebra
  • Factors
  • Equations
  • Ratio proportion
  • Interest
  • Plane figures
  • Lines and angles
  • Surface area and volume
  • Statistics
  • Graph

Social Science

  • Indian civilization
  • Mauryan and Gupta empires
  • Post-Gupta period
  • Medieval and modern period
  • Constitution and democracy
  • Government composition and functions
  • Components of Earth
  • Types of resources
  • Geography and resources of India
  • Geography and Resources of Rajasthan
  • History and the culture of Rajasthan
  • Pedagogical issues

REET English Syllabus

  • Unseen prose passage: Linking devices, subject-verb control, inferences
  • Parts of speech, rhyme
  • Modal auxiliaries, phrasal verbs and idioms
  • Literary terms: Elegy, sonnet, short story, drama
  • English sounds: Basic knowledge and phonetic transcription
  • English pedagogy: Principles of teaching English

REET Syllabus PDF :-Download PDF Here

REET New Syllabus: The Changes Done

The latest change to the syllabus includes Rajasthan GK in the EVS section. Further, the language 1 section will consist of questions on proficiencies, and the language 2 section will consist of questions on language use, communication, and comprehension.

Details of the Interview

Candidates who clear the first stage of written exams for level 1 or 2 will be called for a personal interview to determine their temperament. Clearing the interview will earn the candidate a government teaching licence.

Preparing for the government exams requires thorough preparation and hardwork and a strategic plan to excel in the examination. Candidates can check out the best preparation strategy for competitive exams at the linked article.

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Frequently Asked Questions on REET Syllabus


When will the REET exam be held?

The REET exam will be conducted on the 14th and 15th of May 2022. Candidates must be aware that the exam dates are subject to change this year as well.


When will the registration start for the REET exam?

Candidates must note that registration starts from the second week of January. The last date will be mid-February.


Is the REET syllabus available online?

Yes, candidates can download the REET Syllabus PDF for 2022 in the Hindi version online. You can also click here to access it.


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