18000 in Words

18000 in words is written as Eighteen-thousand. The name of the number 18,000 in English is Eighteen-thousand. The number 18000 represents a value equivalent to it. We can see many examples in real life, where the number 18000 is used in the form of numerals, as well as in words. For example, 18000 in words, on a cheque is written as Eighteen thousand rupees only. Thus, students should learn the numbers in words, to represent a price amount or a count for something.

18000 in words Eighteen Thousand
Eighteen thousand in numerical form 18000

How to Convert 18000 in Words?

We can simply convert 18000 into words by checking the place value of the digits. The position of the digit in a number is basically the place value. As per the Indian number system, the first digit from the right-hand side of a number is at a unit place or one’s place, and then the rest of the positions go in the sequence of:

  • Ones
  • Tens
  • Hundreds
  • Thousands
  • Ten-thousands
  • Hundred-thousands or Lakhs

Thus, we can write the number 18000 in words using the place value method.

1 8 0 0 0
Ten-thousand Thousands Hundreds Tens Ones

From the above table, we can say, collectively 18 is at thousand’s place.


18 x 1000 = 18000

Therefore, 18000 is written as Eighteen-thousand in words.

To understand better, see the below table.

18 000
Eighteen Thousand

18000 in English

In English, the spelling of 18000 is Eighteen-thousand. English is the most widely used language in the world, especially in the field of education. Thus, learning how to read and write numbers in English is vital.

What is 18000?

In Maths, 18000 is a numeral that expresses a value or a count. The number 18000 is written as Eighteen thousand in words. Other specifications of the number 18000 are:

  • 18000 is an even number
  • 18000 is a natural number
  • 18000 is a whole number
  • 18000 is a composite number

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Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs


How to write 18000 in words?

18000 in words is written as Eighteen-thousand.


What is 180000 in English?

1,80,000 is written as One Hundred Eighty Thousand in words.


Is 18000 a perfect square?

18000 is not a perfect square number.


Is 18000 an odd number?

18000 is not an odd number but an even number because it is completely divisible by 2.


18000 is a prime number. True or false?

False, 18000 is not a prime number but a composite number.

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