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One of the best math apps available right now in the market for both Android as well as iOs devices is Byju’s- The learning app. With technological advancements progressing rapidly, integration of traditional teaching methods with modernistic technology, is the motto Byju’s lives by. With a motto that emphasises on making students fall in love with learning all over again, Byju’s with its simplistic yet, innovative app has paved the way for it to be recognized as one of the best math apps for high school, as both the teacher and the student can learn more from this app.

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Many other apps dealing in mathematics misguide the students learning from their app, by showing the solution to the problem too quickly, without even teaching the concepts to the students. At Byju’s we believe in holistically approaching topics with students and explaining to them the core concepts, so that the root and foundation of the child’s knowledge always remains clear and concise as ever. Regarded as one of the best math apps available in the store right now, it is clear why so many students from schools and colleges opt for Byju’s.

Besides our maths app we also have an app made for science too! You can check it out here: Science App

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Practise This Question

Draw a line AB. At A, draw an arc of length 3cm using compass such that it intersects AB at O. With the same spread of compass, put the compass pointer at O and make an arc that intersects the previous arc at P. With the same spread again, put the compass pointer at P and draw an arc that intersects the first arc at Q. Join A and Q. Using the protractor, measure QAB. What is the value of QAB.