Difference Between Correlation And Regression

Correlation and Regression are the two important concepts in Statistical research, which is based on variable distribution. A variable distribution is explained as a classification/distribution of multiple variables. Correlation and Regression are one of the significant chapters for the Class 12 students. It is very important for students to learn and understand the differences between these two factors.

Correlation is explained as an analysis which helps us to determine the absence of the relationship between the two variables – ‘p’ and ‘q’.

Regression too is an analysis, that foretells the value of a dependent variable based on the value, that is already known of the independent variable.

Difference Between Correlation And Regression

As mentioned earlier, Correlation and Regression are the principal units to be studied while preparing for the 12th Board examinations. Also, it is an important factor for students to be well aware of the differences between correlation and regression. Below mentioned are a few key differences between these two aspects.

Correlation Regression
‘Correlation’ as the name says it determines the interconnection or a co-relationship between the variables. ‘Regression’ explains how an independent variable is numerically associated with the dependent variable.
In Correlation, both the independent and dependent values have no difference. However, in Regression, both the dependent and independent variable are different.
The primary objective of Correlation is, to find out a quantitative/numerical value expressing the association between the values. When it comes to regression, its primary intent is, to reckon the values of a haphazard variable based on the values of the fixed variable.
Correlation stipulates the degree to which both of the variables can move together. However, regression specifies the effect of the change in the unit, in the known variable(p) on the evaluated variable (q).
Correlation helps to constitute the connection between the two variables. Regression helps in estimating a variable’s value based on another given value.

Hence, these are a few key differences between correlation and regression. To learn more, subscribe to BYJU’S YouTube channel.

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