How to Convert CM to Feet

Centimeters and feet are measuring units to measure the length or heights of any object or a person. There are measuring instruments with which we can measure heights in centimeters (cm) or feet. Let us learn how to convert cm to feet.

Feet are usually used to measure the height of a building, tower, or a person. But, if we have the measurements in cm, then we have to convert it into feet to represent the height. A centimeter is one-hundredth of a meter and a foot is 0.3048 meters.

CM to Feet Formula

To convert cm to feet we have to know the formula.

As we know,

1 foot = 0.3048 meters

1 meter = 1/0.3048 feet

100 cm = 3.28084 feet

1cm = (3.28084/100) feet

1 cm = 0.0328084 feet

Hence, this is the required formula.

The SI base unit for length is the metre.

1 metre is equal to 100 cm, or 3.2808398950131 feet.

Feet Measurement in cm

From the above formula, we know,

1 cm = 0.0328084 feet

Hence, we can say;

1 foot = 1/ 0.0328084 cm


1 foot = 30.479999 = 30.48

What is Centimeter?

A centimetre is a unit of length equal to one-hundredth of a metre. The symbol of the centimeter is cm. Meter is the SI base unit of measurement of length.

A centimetre is a component of a metric system. In the unit system, it is the base unit in the centimetre-gram-second.

The area of any shape corresponding to a centimeter is measured as cm2 or square cm. Similarly, the corresponding unit of volume is mentioned as cm3 or cubic centimetre.

What is a foot?

A foot is a non-SI unit of distance or length. It measures approximately a third of a metre. The plural of foot is feet.

  • 1 foot = 12 inches
  • 3 feet = 1 yard

Centimeters to Feet Table

Here are the values in cms, which are converted into feet and presented in the table.

Centimeters (cm) Feet (ft)
1 0.03281
2 0.06562
3 0.09843
5 0.16404
10 0.32808
20 0.65617
30 0.98425
40 1.31234
50 1.64042
100 3.28084
200 6.56168
1000 32.80840


Question 1: How to convert 17 cm into feet?


17 cm = 17 × 0.032808399 ft

17cm = 0.557742783 ft

Question 2: How to convert 33 cm into feet?


33 cm = 33 × 0.032808399 ft

33 cm = 1.082677167 ft

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