Matrices Worksheets

Byju’s has made this effort to provide students with a platform where the amount of preparation they have can be tested, and they can get a clear understanding of the subject they are dealing with. The tests and examinations that the students go through will not be a big deal when they go through these maths worksheets in a proper environment. As the worksheets are topic based practicing them will give the student a command over the specific topic which will act as a clear indication of growth in a subject. This growth will give you the confidence of progress giving you an edge over others. The worksheets are extremely reliable as they are prepared by trained tutors.

These worksheets are easy to use and free to download as we care about spreading the love for learning. Both theory and exercises are covered in these worksheets so that the students receive a whole round development. A matrix is a group of numeric’s of which every single piece gives a specific piece of information. The various topics discussed under the heading will be the equality of matrices, Order, addition, and subtraction of matrices, multiplication of matrices, Identity and Inverse matrices, an inverse of a 3×3 matrix. The various subheadings that were explored in theory will also have a lot of examples solved which will give the students solving them an edge in the variety of question they would have seen.

A student’s exam performance is as much dependent on what they do in the exam hall as the training they do in preparation for it. Time is one such factor that is highly based on practice. The speed that they work at in the comfort of their home hugely varies from the speed required to attempt the entire questionnaire in the examination so time yourself. These worksheets try to explore all the different types of problems in all the various topics under the heading of Integers in detail for the benefit of students.


  1. Kindly give me the worksheets of class 9,10,11&12 maths. Since i m handling those classes.

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