Measurement of Objects

Size is always understood or talked about in relation to some other thing. Size is a relative concept. It has no meaning within itself. For instance, a cat is small to you but with an ant’s perspective, it is, suffices it to say, quite big. Size has a huge role to play in mathematics. It is important to comprehend patterns and numbers in real life and come to the realization that mathematics is what’s around us and all we do is define and better understand it in your classrooms.


Size of Objects

Size is a concept where you perceive something, generally physical, in relation with something else as, for the lack of better words, bigger or smaller, greater or lesser. This comparison eventually leads to the measurement of objects, which further results in the determination of magnitude of a quantity. Clothing sizes, shoe sizes, etc have gone a long way in simplifying life as we know it. A child must familiarize oneself with these daily life examples to truly comprehend the significance of time in maths and beyond.

For instance, take that chocolate lying in your mother’s cupboard or the refrigerator. As you anxiously wait for your slice of that chocolate, don’t tell me you’re not praying for the bigger slice. Bigger, that word right there is what size is all about. Size is always taken in relation to something, the bigger slice of chocolate compared to the smaller one. In the first example given, if the cat, the bigger one, steps on the ant, the smaller ones, it will perish. Hence, size does matter. But then again, the ant is tiny, therefore it has an advantage that it can hide easier and not be seen, so you see, size does matter.

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Quiz on Measurement of objects


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