Volume Of A Cube


Volume of a cube defines the number of cubic units, that will occupy the cube, completely. A cube is a solid three-dimensional figure, which has 6 square faces or sides. To calculate the volume we should know the dimensions of the cube.

Volume of Cube = a3

You can also get the volume of a cube formula here. If we know the edge length, then we can find also find the surface area of the cube. Let us learn how to find the volume of any cubical structure.

Volume of a cube

Volume of Cube Formula

We can easily find the volume of cube – V, by knowing the length of its edges. Suppose, the length of the edges of the cube is ‘a’. Then the V will be the product of length, height and width.

Volume of Cube = Length × Width × Height

= a × a × a

V = a3

where ‘a’ is the length the side of cube or edges.

Surface Area of Cube

In the same way, we can also find the surface area of a cube, which is basically equal to the number of square units that cover the surface of the cube, completely. The general formula of surface area for a cube of sides, a, is given by;

Surface Area of Cube = 6a2

Examples of Volume of Cube

  • Problem: Find the volume of the cube, having the sides of length 7 cm.

Solution: Given, the length of sides of the cube is 7cm.

We know, Volume of a cube = (length of sides of the cube)3

Therefore, Volume, V = (7 cm)3

V = 343 cm3 is the answer.

  • Problem: Find the length of the edges of the cube, if its volume is equal to 125cm3.

Solution: Given, Volume of the cube = 125 cm3.

Let the length of the edges is a.

We know, by the formula,

Volume of a cube = (length of edges of the cube)3

Substituting the value, we get,

125 = a3

Or a = 3√125

Or a = 5 cm

Therefore, the length of the cube is 5cm.

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