Surface Area Of Cube, Cuboid And Cylinder

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Cylinder, Cube and cuboid are three-dimensional shapes having circular or rectangular faces. A cube or a cuboid has six faces and eight vertices, on the other hand, a cylinder has two circular faces joined by a curved surface. The area of all the faces of a cube is the same as they are all squares.

The surface area of the can is found by adding the areas of the two circular bases and the rectangular side that surrounds them. The width, w, of the rectangle is the height of the can. The length, l, of the rectangle is equal to the circumference of the circle.

For Example:

Total surface area of a cube = 6 × (area of each side)

= 6 × a2 = 6 a2

Similarly, the total surface area of a cuboid of length ‘l’, breadth ‘b’, height ‘h’ can be calculated as,

Total surface area of a cuboid = 2 × (area of three symmetrical faces)

= 2 × (lb + bh+ hl)

The curved surface of a cylinder, if opened along the diameter (d=2r) of the circular base can be transformed into a rectangle of length ‘2?r’ and height ‘h’.

Surface Area Of Cube


Curved surface area of a cylinder of base radius ‘r’, and height ‘h’ = 2? × r × h

Total surface area of a cylinder of base radius ‘r’, and height ‘h’ = 2? × r × h + area of two circular bases

= 2? × r × h + 2?r2

Problems related to surface area of cube, cuboid and cylinders:

Question: Calculate the cost required to paint an aquarium which is in cuboidal shape having dimensions 12m×10m×15m. If painting cost of an aquarium is INR 2.5/m2.

Solution: Total surface area of aquarium = 2 × (lb + bh+ hl)

= 2 × (120+ 150+ 180)

= 2 × 450 = 900 m2

Total cost of painting the aquarium = 2.5 × 900 = Rs. 2250

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