Telangana board class 6: Mathematics and General Science Textbooks (2018-19)

Textbooks are the impeccable study material a student and a teacher can have. They are the books prescribed by the state board. They form a common bridge between teacher and student. Topics mentioned in the syllabus are well explained with tons of relevant examples and activities in Textbooks. Moreover, each chapter are extended by exercises. These exercises help students in self-evaluation. Thus, they play a crucial role in teaching learning process.

Mathematics and Science textbook for class 6 under Telangana state board is prescribed by the  Board of Secondary Education (BSE), Telangana. The board is assisted by State Council of Educational Research and Training(SCERT), Telangana in designing and publishing of syllabus and textbooks. This autonomous body endeavor in delivering quality content to students.

Telangana board class 6 Mathematics and Science textbooks are written by well experienced subject matter proficients. This jury conduct extensive research on creative and simplified way of presentation of concepts. Hence the board incorporated numerous activities in each chapter. This aids students in better understanding of concepts and results were well reflected in their examination performance.

Click the link below to download PDF of Telangana board class 6 Mathematics and General Science textbooks:

Telangana board class 6 Mathematics textbook
Telangana board class 6 General Science textbook

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