Telangana Board SSC Class 10

One of the most sought after boards of education in the south of India, Board of Secondary Education(BSE), Telangana, came into force in the year 2014, with its center in Nampally, Hyderabad. Within a short span of its inception, BSE Telangana has already garnered a lot accolades and achieved great feat in the field of education and is continuously trying to impart education par excellence. It has a separate academic wing which particularly aims at providing quality education.

Operating under the Government of Telangana, is a self-governing department, the Directorate of Government Examinations. This department particularly takes interest in the examinations conducted every year for SSC, OSSC levels and various other examinations conducted. Every year, the state sees a staggering 12-13 lakh students appearing for board exams. The examinations for SSC Class 10 are generally conducted in the month of March-April.

Functions of the BSE, Telangana

  • Revises syllabus regularly and prescribes textbooks in accordance
  • Regulation and administration of educational policies
  • Grants affiliations to upcoming schools
  • Broadcasting and issuing of revised textbooks
  • Advocates qualification and role of a teacher
  • Responsible for delivering examination guidelines and its logistics
  • Conducts examinations
  • Processes results and its corresponding documentation
  • Publishes important circulars on latest updates for everything related to academics

Apart from conducting main examinations, this board also conducts various other professional and technical examinations, thus aiding in the economic growth of the state. Telangana board has recently come up with new reforms in the field of education in order to see an increase in the number of enrollments in schools and has ventured into providing exciting programs to make learning engaging and interesting.

Following are the resources offered for SSC Class 10 by BSE, Telangana for mathematics & science(2018-19)

10th class maths state syllabus is one of the most important tools which determines how a student would be performing in upcoming examinations. It serves as a key to cracking examinations effectively and often finds itself to be categorized under optimized learning methodologies. Mathematics and science syllabus are provided by us which are the core subjects for SSC. Understanding the importance of 10th class telangana syllabus, its usage and how it is to be used is very important for students.

Surfing through this article gives you access to textbooks as well. These books have been developed by subject matter experts appointed by the board developing books in alliance with the examination Board. Textbooks are curated in accordance with the latest in the world of mathematics, science & technology, thus giving students much required information about the latest, which makes learning relevant and interesting. These books are equipped with:

  • Syllabus
  • In depth information on contents
  • Progressive learning concepts; vocabulary
  • Activities and experiments for the inquisitive minds
  • HOTs questions
  • Key points to remember towards the end
  • Questions on the topic learnt to self assess

10th class telangana Question papers are the next big offerings by us. We bring to you question papers that have appeared in the recent past at just a click, without having you browse through other sites for hours together. This article serves as a one stop shop, providing all the study material required. Solving question papers and practicing them just when examinations are around the corner, has proven to be a great inclusion in the to-do list of exam preparation.

Students can also access 10th class all books from BYJU’S. 

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