Telangana Board Class 8 English Textbook 2021-22 PDF

The English textbook for Class 8 Telangana Board is all about reading comprehension, poems and plays. Students can improve their English reading, writing and vocabulary skills by taking help of the textbook. While preparing for the exam, students should refer to their respective textbook as it provides all the answers in an easy and concise manner. The English textbook provides a complete package of knowledge for students. The content in the textbook is written in a simple manner and can be easily grasped. Each chapter is illustrated in detail. The Telangana Board Class 8 English textbook can be a core help for self-study. It acts as perfect self-help guidance for students without any doubt. The English textbooks are most preferable for the preparation of the Class 8 final exam.

Click on the link below to download Telangana Board Class 8 English Textbook PDF

Download Telangana Board Class 8 English Textbook PDF

Telangana Board Class 8 English Textbook

Chapter-wise Names of Telangana Board Class 8 English Textbook

Chapter 1: Family
A. The Tattered Blanket
B. My Mother (Poem)
C. A Letter to a Friend
Chapter 2: Social Issues
A. Oliver Asks for More
B. The Cry of Children (Poem)
C. Reaching the Unreached
Chapter 3: Humanity
A. The Selfish Giant I (One act play)
B. The Selfish Giant II (One act play)
C. The Garden Within (Poem)
Chapter 4: Science and Technology
A. The Fun They Had
B. Preteen Pretext (Poem)
C. The Computer Game (One act play)
Chapter 5: Education and Career
A. The Treasure Within (Part I)
B. The Treasure Within (Part II)
C. They Literally Build the Nation
Chapter 6: Art and Culture
A. The Story of Ikat December
B. The Earthen Goblet (Poem)
C. Maestro with a Mission
Chapter 7: Women Empowerment
A. Bonsai Life (Part I)
B. Bonsai Life (Part II)
C. I Can Take Care of Myself
Chapter 8: Gratitude
A. Dr. Dwarakanath Kotnis
B. Be Thankful (Poem)
C. The Dead Rat


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