Telangana Board Class 8 Social Science Textbook

Telangana Board Class 8 Social Science textbook is the best study material for Class 8 students. The experts have designed the textbook after doing in-depth research and analysis of Social Science and understanding the intellectual level of the students. Social Science textbook is written in simple language and includes the basic fundamentals on all topics. The Class 8 Social Science question papers are set by referring to the textbook.

Most of the questions which are available in the exercise problems are asked directly in the same format in exams. So, students should practise the exercise questions provided at the end of each chapter. By doing so, they can evaluate their preparation and work on their weaknesses. Students should utilise Telangana Board Class 8 Social Science textbook for understanding the fundamentals of the Class 8 syllabus.

Students can access free pdf of Telangana Board Class 8 Social Science textbook both in English medium and Telugu medium.

Download Telangana Board Class 8 Social Science Textbook PDF in English Medium and Telugu Medium

Chapter-wise Names of Telangana Board Class 8 Social Science Textbook

  • Chapter 1: Reading and Analysis of Maps
  • Chapter 2: Energy from the Sun
  • Chapter 3: Earth Movements and Seasons
  • Chapter 4: The Polar Regions
  • Chapter 5: Forests: Using and Protecting Them
  • Chapter 6: Minerals and Mining
  • Chapter 7: Money and Banking
  • Chapter 8: Impact of Technology on Livelihoods
  • Chapter 9: Public Health and the Government
  • Chapter 10: Landlords and Tenants under the British and the Nizam
  • Chapter 11A: National Movement–The Early Phase–1885-1919
  • Chapter 11B: National Movement–The Last Phase 1919-1947
  • Chapter 12: Freedom Movement in Hyderabad State
  • Chapter 13: The Indian Constitution
  • Chapter 14: Parliament and Central Government
  • Chapter 15: Law and Justice–A Case Study
  • Chapter 16: Abolition of Zamindari System
  • Chapter 17: Understanding Poverty
  • Chapter 18: Rights Approach to Development
  • Chapter 19: Social and Religious Reform Movements
  • Chapter 20: Understanding Secularism
  • Chapter 21: Performing Arts and Artistes in Modern Times
  • Chapter 22: Film and Print Media
  • Chapter 23: Sports: Nationalism and Commerce
  • Chapter 24: Disaster management

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