Telangana Board Class 9 Maths Textbooks 2021-22 PDF

The Telangana Board Class 9 Maths textbook is prescribed and prepared by the State Council of Educational Research and Training, Government of Telangana. Students should refer to these textbooks to have a better understanding of the concepts as they are explained in a comprehensive manner. It is prepared by using the latest released Telangana Class 9 Maths syllabus. The Maths textbook is available in two languages, English and Telugu. So, from our BYJU’S website, students can download both English and Telugu medium and prepare for their exams.

The Telangana Board Class 9 Maths textbook is prepared by subject matter experts and professionals for a detailed understanding of various topics presented in the curriculum. With the correct utilisation of the textbooks students can excel in their Maths exam, as it provides ample number of questions for practice at the end of each chapter.

Students can download Telangana Board Class Maths textbook pdf in English and Telugu medium.

Download Telangana Board Class 9 Maths Textbook PDF in English Medium and Telugu Medium

Chapter-wise names of Telangana Board Class 9 Maths Textbook

  • Chapter 1: Real Numbers
  • Chapter 2: Polynomials and Factorisation
  • Chapter 3: The Elements of Geometry
  • Chapter 4: Lines and Angles
  • Chapter 5: Coordinate Geometry
  • Chapter 6: Linear Equations in Two variables
  • Chapter 7: Triangles
  • Chapter 8: Quadrilaterals
  • Chapter 9: Statistics
  • Chapter 10: Surface areas and Volumes
  • Chapter 11: Areas
  • Chapter 12: Circles
  • Chapter 13: Geometrical Constructions
  • Chapter 14: Probability
  • Chapter 15: Proofs in Mathematics


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