Telangana Board Class 7 English Textbook

Students of Class 7 can download pdf of Telangana Board Class 7 English textbook from the table provided below. English is one of the important subjects which students generally ignore. The textbook will help students in improving their reading and writing skills as it comprises reading comprehension and poems. Students should take the subject of English seriously and should give proper attention to other subjects.

Scoring good marks in this subject will uplift the overall percentage of Class 7 exam. So, students should be well vested with their Telangana Board Class 7 English textbook to face the exam confidently. It will also help students to write the exam without making any silly mistakes. The textbook is designed by subject professionals by referring to the syllabus prescribed by the Board.

Click the link and download Telangana Board Class 7 English textbook pdf.

Download Telangana Board Class 7 English Textbook PDF

Chapter-wise Names of Telangana Board Class 7 English Textbook

Chapter 1

A. Reading The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse

B. Reading (Poem) The Town Child & The Country Child June-July 1-22

C. Reading The New Blue Dress

Chapter 2

A. Reading C.V.Raman, the Pride of India

B. Reading (Poem) It’s Change…

C. Reading Susruta, an Ancient Plastic Surgeon

Chapter 3

A. Reading Puru, the Brave

B. Reading (Poem) Home They Brought Her Warrior Dead

C. Reading The Magic of Silk

Chapter 4

A. Reading Tenali Paints a Horse

B. Reading (Poem) Dear Mum

C. Reading The Emperor’s New Clothes

Chapter 5

A. Reading A Trip to Andaman

B. Reading (Poem) My Trip to the Moon

C. Reading Sindbad, the Sailor

Chapter 6

A. Reading A Hero

B. Reading (Poem) My Nasty Adventure

C. Reading Learn How to Climb Trees

Chapter 7

A. Reading The Wonderful World of Chess

B. Reading (Poem) Chess

C. Reading Koneru Humpy

Chapter 8

A. Reading Snakes in India

B. Reading (Poem) Trees

C. Reading A Letter from Mother Earth

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