Telangana Intermediate 1 year

The Board of Intermediate Education, located at Hyderabad, AP is responsible for governing loads of academic programmes. They also had a separate Educational Research and Training Wing who was in charge of promoting the academic aspects of the board. The board will also equally be in charge of generating the question papers, determining the course of study, conducting examinations, prescribing Telangana Intermediate I Year Textbooks, creating Intermediate I year Syllabus and so on.

The main aim and vision of the BSE Telangana Board are to promote good quality education. The board will also provide proper guidance to all the Institutions that are governed by it,  mainly with the aim to promote intellectual and cultural growth of the students.

Know About Telangana First Year Intermediate

Telangana Board is on a path of further development aiming to improve the state of education by extending the access of Intermediate classes to almost all sections of the society, with a special focus on the tribal, rural and underprivileged section of the society. The tsbie also focus on bringing vocational training to center stage and also strengthening and revamping the vocational education and training with the purpose to make the students more independent and self- reliant. The intermediary is the name by which higher secondary classes of Telangana Board are known off.

Why is Telangana Intermediate I Year Important?

The students of Telangana I Year Intermediate who have taken Science stream will mainly have to learn Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Botany and Zoology. The Intermediate 1st year of Telangana Boards is significant for students, as it is depending on their marks or grades this year that they decide on a subject to take up for higher studies or decide on their future careers. Following the Intermediate I year and 2nd year, students can choose the stream to take up for Bachelors. Grades for Telangana Intermediate I year is essential as it will determine a student’s future. See here some tips on why Intermediate I year is important:

  • It provides a strong foundation for higher studies, 12th or Bachelor’s
  • It helps students to choose their career ahead
  • It is also the basis for most of the competitive exams

Also, to stay ahead of the other students of Intermediate I year you need to have access to a wide range of study materials and resourceful links like the syllabus, sample papers, previous years question papers, Telangana Intermediate I year Books and so on.

We, at BYJU’s provide most of these resources for Intermediate First Year Math and Science subjects.

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