Telangana Board Class 6 General Science Textbook 2021-22 PDF

The General Science textbook of Class 6 Telangana Board is a reliable source of information for students to clear their doubts. A few of the topics included in the textbook are Our Food, Playing with magnets, What do animals eat, etc. From the textbook of Class 6 General Science, students will learn the basics of Science, which will help them in their further studies. Having a thorough knowledge of the textbook will help students to score well in the exam. It also helps students to revise the concepts before the exam.

At the end of each chapter of Telangana Board Class 6 Textbooks, practise questions are provided for students so that they can review their preparation. Telangana Board Class 6 General Science textbook is prepared by a panel of subject matter experts, according to the updated syllabus.

From the given table below, students can download PDF of Telangana Board Class 6 General Science textbook, both in English medium and Telugu medium.

Download Telangana Board Class 6 General Science Textbook PDF in English Medium and Telugu Medium

Chapter-wise Names of Telangana Board Class 6 General Science Textbook

  • Chapter 1: Our Food
  • Chapter 2: Playing with magnets
  • Chapter 3: Rain- where does it come from
  • Chapter 4: What do animals eat
  • Chapter 5: Materials and things
  • Chapter 6: Habitat
  • Chapter 7: Separation of substances
  • Chapter 8: Fibre to fabric
  • Chapter 9: Plants: parts and functions
  • Chapter 10: Changes around us
  • Chapter 11: Water in our life
  • Chapter 12: Simple electric circuits
  • Chapter 13: Learning how to measure
  • Chapter 14: Movements in animals
  • Chapter 15: Light, shadows and images
  • Chapter 16: Living and nonliving

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