Bats Scientific Name

Chiroptera (order)

Bats are animals that belong to order Chiroptera and class Mammalia. Bats are also the only mammals capable of true / powered flight. Their forelimbs are modified into wings, with membranes stretching across each spread-out digit.

One of the most distinguishing features features of bats is their ability to echolocate – a process where sound is used to determine the location of objects in an environment. Interestingly, bats are not the only animals that can use echolocation – dolphins and whale use it as well. Even several birds such as the nocturnal Oilbird and Swiftlets are known to use echolocation.

Bats are present on almost every continent except Antarctica. Most bats are insectivores, whole some are nectarivores or frugivores. However, some species feed exclusively on blood – such as the vampire bats. From an ecological perspective, bats are quite important as they facilitate pollination as well as seed dispersal. Many plants in topical areas are entirely dependent on bats for these processes. Bats are also beneficial for humans as they control insect pests. Their excrement is also very effective as a fertilizer. However, bats also carry a host of diseases and can be a cause for concern in populated areas.

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What is the scientific name of bats?

Bats are animals that belong to order Chiroptera


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