Bear Scientific Name

Ursidae (Family)

Bears are mammals that belong to the family Ursidae. These animals are widespread, with members living on both the hemispheres. Bears are predominantly carnivores, but also consume fruits and leaves. Some bears, such as pandas consume bamboo shoots, which makes up 99% of its diet. Others, such as the sloth bear consumes termites and ants. Today, there are only eight extant species:

  • Asian black bear – Ursus thibetanus
  • American black bear – Ursus americanus
  • Brown bear – Ursus arctos
  • Giant panda – Ailuropoda melanoleuca
  • Sloth bear – Melursus ursinus
  • Sun bear – Helarctos malayanus
  • Spectacled bear – Tremarctos ornatus
  • Polar bear – Ursus maritimus

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Frequently Asked Questions on Bears


What is the scientific name of bear?

The scientific name of bear is Ursidae (family).


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