Honey Bee Scientific Name

Apis (Genus)

Honey bees are flying insects of the Apidae family. These are insects that showcase the highest level of organisation, often forming large colonies with complex hierarchies (queens, reproductive males, workers etc) and division of labour (foraging, feeding large, building new cells etc).

Honey bees are native to Eurasia, and are also introduced to the other continents by humans. Contrary to popular belief, not all species of bees produce honey – with the most prolific honey producer being the Apis mellifera, or the Wester/ European honey bee.

Bees also come in a variety of colours, besides the stereotypical black and yellow. For instance, the Agapostemon splendens (North American Sweat Bee) is blue and green.

Honey bees also have an interesting form of communication – they “dance”. The honey bee performs a deliberate set of movements across its honeycomb – which conveys the location of nectar and pollen to other worker bees.

Most of us know that honey bees sting – however, the general notion that all bees sting is false. Only the females can sting because the stinger is technically the ovipositor – or the egg-laying organ. This applies to not just honey bees but to all other species of bees as well.

Scientific Names of various Bee Species

  • Western/ European Honey bee – Apis mellifera
  • Asiatic/ Asian honey bee – Apis cerana
  • Red dwarf honey bee – Apis florea
  • Black dwarf honey bee – Apis andreniformis

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Frequently Asked Questions on Honey Bee Scientific Name


What is the scientific name of Honey Bee?

Honey bees belong to the genus Apis.


What is the scientific name of European Honey bee?

The scientific name of European Honey bee is Apis mellifera


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