Scientific Name of Snakehead

Channidae (Family)

Snakeheads are fish that belong to the family Channidae. These fishes are native to Asia and Africa. There are many species of snakeheads, each with its own sizes. Some are no longer than 90 cms in length while others can grow as large as 3 feet. Baby snakeheads consume mollusks and plankton while the adults usually feed on frogs and other fish.

They are also an invasive species, causing massive ecological damage. These fish are also known to breathe air and also able to survive on land for up to 4 days. Interestingly, these fish can crawl on land (provided it is wet) by wriggling with its body and fins. They also reproduce as much as five times a year, and each female subsequently releases upto 150,000 eggs. This makes them even harder to control as an invasive species.

Snakeheads are classified into 3 genera:

  • Channa
  • Parachanna
  • Aenigmachanna

Scientific Names of Snakehead Species

  • Northern snakehead – Channa argus
  • Malabar snakehead – Channa diplogramma
  • Ceylon snakehead – Channa orientalis
  • Black snakehead – Channa melasoma
  • Giant snakehead – Channa micropeltes
  • Great snakehead – Channa marulius
  • Blotched snakehead – Channa maculata

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What is the scientific name of Snakehead?

The scientific name of snakehead is Channidae (Family).


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