Soil Fertility: Replenishment Of Nutrients

What is Soil Fertility?

“Soil fertility refers to the ability of the soil to sustain plant growth.”

Fertile soil results in high yield and better quality of plants. Fertile soil is rich in fundamental elements and minerals, has good aeration, water holding capacity, and good texture.

Let us have a look at what is soil fertility and how can it be replenished.

Soil Fertility: Replenishment Of Nutrients

Factors Affecting Soil Fertility

The following factors affect the soil fertility:

Mineral Composition

The mineral composition of the soil helps to predict the ability of the soil to retain plant nutrients. Application of proper fertilizers and manures helps in enhancing the quality of the soil.

Soil pH

Soil pH helps in maintaining the nutrient availability of the soil. A pH range between 5.5-7 is optimum for soil fertility.

Soil Texture

The minerals of different sizes are responsible for maintaining the structure of the soil. Clayey soil can retain more nutrients and hence acts as a nutrient reservoir.

Organic Matter

Organic matter is a source of nitrogen and phosphorus. These can be mineralized and made available to the plants.

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Nutrient Replenishment

Nutrients can be replenished in the following ways:

Adding Manures and Fertilizers

Fertilizers such as nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus are added to the soil to make it fertile. These are also added to the potted plants in gardens to enhance plant growth. NPK and urea are the most common fertilizers required by the soil. Urea adds nitrogen to the soil. Whereas, NPK adds nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus to the soil.

Leguminous Crops

Leguminous plants contain nitrogen-fixing bacteria such as Rhizobium in the root nodules. These bacteria trap atmospheric nitrogen and make it available to the plants in the form of nitrogen compounds. The remaining nitrogen compounds are mixed with the soil to increase its fertility.

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