Vermiculture refers to the scientific process of worm cultivation or artificial rearing of worms for the benefit of humans. The output of vermiculture is called vermicompost and is nothing other than the earthworm excreta and hummus are its major constituent. The vermicompost is formed by the process in which earthworms eat the farmyard manure or cow dung in addition to the wastes from farms and thereby producing it.

Similarly, items like household garbage, industrial wastes in liquid form and wastes from municipality could be processed in the same fashion. Most of us would be surprised by the fact that these earthworms are essential for maintaining a healthy environment rather than just converting garbage to useful manure. The process of earthworm multiplication and garbage conversion by earthworms into compost are very simple, that farmers could do it by themselves.

How to Multiply Earthworms in Large Scale

To help earthworms to multiply on a larger scale, the farmer could mix any plant materials, dried leaves and cow dung in a 1:1 proportion. Once done, we would release around 50 earthworms on the husk or mixture of dried leaves and place it under the shade. For maintaining the moisture level, keep sprinkling water over it on a timely basis. Within a timeframe of one to two months, the earthworms would multiply by 300 times relying on this process alone. Thus, the new earthworms would assist us in preparing the vermicompost.

Merits of Vermicomposting

  • Since it does not contain chemical elements, vermicompost being prepared from organic wastes (biodegradable) is a natural fertilizer and eco-friendly too.
  • Does not impact the environment, soil, and plants in an adversely.
  • Soil compaction is reduced by it by boosting the soil aeration, tilth and texture.
  • Owing to its high organic matter content, it improves the soil’s water retention capacity.
  • Better nutrient absorption and root growth are promoted by it.
  • Both the micro and macronutrients of the soil status are improved by its use.

Safety Measures

  • The pit for the compost should be shielded from exposure to sunlight
  • Guard the worms against pests and rats, bird, ants etc.
  • Sprinkle water on the pit when necessary to sustain the moisture level.

From the above discussion, one could state beyond doubt that earthworms are certainly one of the significant creatures on earth despite them being tiny in size.

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