Difference Between Weather and Climate

Most of us carry a wrong assumption that both the word climate and weather shares the same meaning and they are one and the same. This assumption is not correct as weather may be termed as the condition of the atmosphere in a particular location with its short range(from minutes to weeks) fluctuations on a day to day basis. Climate on the other hand is the information on weather in a statistical basis on weather fluctuations at a specified location for a specific timeframe. Both weather and climate are used in place of the other mutually but differs in terms of measurement on the basis of time period and the underlying trend that impacts them.

Weather and Climate

Difference Between Climate and Weather

             Basis          Climate      Weather
Definition Defines climate as the average condition expected at a particular place in a given timeframe. Defines the condition of atmosphere at a particular point of time.
Projection Done by using the sum total of weather statistics over a time blocks of 30 years Done by gathering data related to meteorology like humidity, temperature of air, pressure, solar radiation, speed of wind and its direction
Underlying Factors The sum total of weather statistics of time blocks of 30 years Timely measurements of pressure of atmosphere, speed and direction of wind, rainfall, humidity, overcasts and other varying factors
Subject Of Study Climatology Meteorology
Ingredients Consists of elements like rainfall, humidity, sunlight, wind speed,natural phenomenons like frost, fog and so on in a specific time period. Consists of weather elements like rainfall, overcasts, hailstorms, floods, heatwaves, winds,snowfall and many more.
Timeframe Calculated over a long time period Calculated over a short term period

From the above table you might have noticed the slight yet important differences between weather and climate which are used by the public quiet interchangeably. For more interesting  information on climate and weather and its impact on the environment visit byjus.com.

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