UPSC Chairman List (1926 - 2023)

Do you know who is the new Chairman of the Union Public Service Commission? Manoj Soni is the new UPSC Chairman. He was sworn in as chairman on May 16 2023.

This article gives information about the various UPSC Chairman from 1926 to date. Aspirants can get to know about the powers and functions of the Chairman and the composition of UPSC.

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List of UPSC Chairmen

Ross Barker was the first UPSC Chairman and he joined the services in October 1926. There have been 32 UPSC Chairman to date.
The list of UPSC Chairman is given below:

Name of UPSC Chairman Tenure
Sir Ross Barker October 1926 – August 1932
Sir David Petrie August 1932 – 1936
Sir Eyre Gorden 1937 – 1942
Sir F. W. Robertson 1942 – 1947
H. K. Kripalani April 1, 1947 – January 13, 1949
R. N. Banerjee January 14, 1949 – May 9, 1955
N. Govindarajan May 10, 1955 – December 9, 1955
V. S. Hejmadi December 10, 1955 – December 9, 1961
B. N. Jha December 11, 1961 – February 22, 1967
K. R. Damle April 18, 1967 – March 2, 1971
Ranadhir Chandra Sarma Sarkar May 11, 1971 – February 1, 1973
Akhlaqur Rahman Kidwai February 5, 1973 – February 4, 1979
M. L. Shahare February 16, 1979 – February 16, 1985
H. K. L. Capoor February 18, 1985 – March 5, 1990
J. P. Gupta March 5, 1990 – June 2, 1992
R. M. Bathew September 23, 1992 – August 23, 1996
S. J. S. Chhatwal August 23, 1996 – September 30, 1996
J. M. Qureshi September 30, 1996 – December 11, 1998
Surendra Nath December 11, 1998 – June 25, 2002
Purna Chandra Hota June 25, 2002 – September 2003
Mata Prasad September 2003 – January 2005
S. R. Hashim January 4, 2005 – April 1, 2006
Gurbachan Jagat April 1, 2006 – June 30, 2007
Subir Dutta June 30, 2007 – August 16, 2008
D. P. Agrawal August 16, 2008 – August 2014
Rajni Razdan August 16, 2014 – November 21, 2014
Deepak Gupta November 22, 2014 – September 20, 2016
Alka Sirohi September 21, 2016 – January 3, 2017
David R. Syiemlieh January 4, 2017 – January 21, 2018
Vinay Mittal January 22, 2018 – June 19, 2018
Arvind Saxena June 20, 2018 – August 24th, 2020
Pradeep Kumar Joshi
August 25th, 2020 – April 4th 2022
Dr. Manoj Soni May 5th 2023 – Incumbent

About (Dr.) Manoj Soni, The Current UPSC Chairman

Prof. (Dr.) Manoj Soni took over the position of UPSC Chairman on April 5th, 2023, replacing Dr. Pradeep Kumar Joshi. Given below are a few details about the current Chairman of the Union Public Service Commission:

  • Prior to his appointment in the UPSC, Soni has served three terms as Vice-Chancellor.
  • These include two consecutive terms from August 1, 2009 to July 31, 2015 as VC of Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar Open University (BAOU), Gujarat; and one term as VC of The Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda (The MSU of Baroda) from April 2005 to April 2008, according to his official biodata.
  • At the time of his joining the MSU of Baroda, Soni was the youngest ever Vice-Chancellor in India and the MSU, it said.
  • A scholar of political science with specialisation in international relations studies, he has taught international relations at Sardar Patel University (SPU), Vallabh Vidyanagar between 1991 and 2016, except for the period when he served as Vice-Chancellor of the two universities.
  • Manoj Soni has earned several awards and recognitions. In 2013, he was conferred with the rare honour of “Honorary Mayor-President of the City of Baton Rouge” by the Mayor-President of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA, for his exemplary leadership in empowering disadvantaged section of society with IT literacy.

Composition of UPSC

Union Public Service Commission(UPSC) is the premier central recruiting body in India. It conducts the recruitment and examinations for All India services (Group A & Group B).

UPSC was established as a recruiting body on October 1, 1926, as Public Service Commission which was reconstituted as Federal Public Service Commission by the Government of India Act, 1935. Post Independence, it was named as Union Public Service Commission.

It consults the Government of India for various matters related to appointments, transfer, promotion, etc. The organization’s charter is granted by Part XIV of the Constitution of India, titled Services Under the Union and the States.

The commission usually consists of the 9 to11 members including the Chairman.

As of now, UPSC comprises a chairman and ten members. The President of India appoints the UPSC Chairman and other members. Each member holds office for a tenure of 6 years or till he becomes the age of 65 years.

The members can resign in between the term by addressing their resignation to the President. They can also be removed by the president following the procedure provided in the constitution.

Note –

  1. Article 315 of the Indian Constitution deals with Public Service Commissions
  2. Article 316 deals with the appointment and term of office of members

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Frequently Asked Questions – UPSC Chairman 2021


Q.1. Who appoints the UPSC Chairman?

Ans. The President of India appoints the Union Public Service Commission chairman and the members surrender their resignation to the President only.

Q.2. What is the tenure of office for UPSC Chairman?

Ans. Each member of the commission and the UPSC Chairman holds office for a tenure of 6 years or till the age of 65 years whichever is earlier.

Q.3. Who bears the salary, pension and allowances of the UPSC chairman and other members of the Union Public Service Commission?

Ans. Salary, pension and allowances of the UPSC chairman and other members the commission is borne by the consolidated fund of India.

Q.4. Who is the current UPSC Chairman?

Ans. Pradeep Kumar Joshi is the UPSC Chairman 2021. He joined the service on August 25th 2020 and will have a tenure till April 4th, 2022. He succeeded Arvind Saxena who acted as the Chairman of UPSC till August 24th 2020.


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