PSC Full Form- What is PSC?

Every year, a large number of students prepare to take competitive exams in order to get appointed into administrative services or government jobs. Among several recruiting tests, the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) and different State Public Service Commissions are the most significant (PSC). Although most people are aware of the IAS Exam conducted by the UPSC, very few have the right knowledge about State PCS conducted by the various states.

The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) administers exams for recruitment to Indian services at the national and higher levels. The State Public Service Commission is a state agency that is responsible for the recruitment of officers to state agencies and advises the governor on disciplinary issues.

In this article let us find out more about the full form of PCS, its functions, the list of exams conducted, eligibility for the exam and the salary of the PCS officers. Read in detail about PSC 2023, in the linked article.

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What is PSC?

PSC stands for Public Service Commission. The Public Service Commission (PSC) is the principal state government recruitment agency. It administers civil service, defence, engineering, and medical exams, among other things. They also recruit the majority of the state government’s Group-A officials. Exams are also used to select Group-B cadre officials.

Articles 315 to 323 of Part XIV of the Indian Constitution created the Indian Public Service Commission (PSC). The constitution reserves the power to remove members, its power and functions or to form an independent Public Service Commission.

The UPSC is the Public Service Commission’s parent Commission (PSC). The commission’s salary and other expenditures are paid from the state government’s consolidated fund. PSC’s judgement is not binding on the government. However, when it comes to recruiting people, there is always a collaboration between various groups.

Learn about the Joint Public Service Commission, in the linked article.

Functions of PSC

Some of the roles of the commission are:

  • Each state’s PSCs undertake local audits of government agencies and boards on promotions, transfers, and disciplinary proceedings, among other things. Identification of government reform possibilities and communication of policy changes to the government.
  • Offer advice to the government on the government’s governance structure, government-on-government strategies, policies, and practices.
  • Oversee the formulation and implementation of government programmes for education and training, succession planning, performance management and recognition, staff mobility, and management.
  • Commissioners are responsible for developing and advising the government on service delivery.

PSC Exam

The PSC exam is held to recruit candidates for various government positions in individual states. The examination is divided into three stages: a preliminary exam, a major exam, and an interview. To be eligible for the interview, the candidate must pass both the preliminary and main examinations. The exam is generally objective in nature, however, the syllabus differs from state to state. The battle is fierce, with lakhs of people vying for a few hundred seats. Candidates who desire to be at the forefront of legal procedures impacting the country might be catapulted by PSC exams across India.

Government Exam 2023

List of exams conducted by State PCS

We have included a list of some of the most popular PSC exams below:

  • Jammu and Kashmir Public Service Commission, J&K
  • Himachal Pradesh Public Service Commission
  • Uttarakhand Public Service Commission
  • Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission (UPPSC)
  • Punjab Public Service Commission, PPSC
  • Haryana Public Service Commission (HPSC)
  • Bihar Public Service Commission (BPSC)
  • Gujarat Public Service Commission (GPSC)
  • Rajasthan Public Service Commission
  • Chhattisgarh Public Service Commission
  • Jharkhand Public Service Commission
  • Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission
  • Maharashtra Public Service Commission (MPSC)
  • Goa Public Service Commission
  • Assam Public Service Commission (APSC)
  • Arunachal Pradesh Public Service Commission
  • Sikkim Public Service Commission
  • Meghalaya Public Service Commission
  • Manipur Public Service Commission
  • Nagaland Public Service Commission
  • Mizoram Public Service Commission
  • Tripura Public Service Commission
  • Karnataka Public Service Commission (KPSC)
  • Odisha Public Service Commission
  • Kerala Public Service Commission (Kerala PSC)
  • Andhra Pradesh Public Service Commission (APPSC)
  • Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission (TNPSC)
  • Telangana Public Service Commission (TSPSC)

Persistence and efficiency are two of the most critical factors to succeed in any of the competitive exams be it IAS, IPS, IFS or PCS officers, just be regular in your studies and follow the correct study material.

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