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All through these years, we have been dealing with maps viz. world map, regional maps, maps of various parks, and how can we forget the Google map, etc. These maps make our migration easier from one place to another. Have you ever thought what our life would have been without these maps? How would we be able to move to different places if there had been no maps to help us get directions?

Let’s think of a scenario where you want to move from place ‘A’ to another place ‘B’ in your city but you don’t know in which direction you need to move in order to reach there. What would you do? In such a scenario you would look for a map of your city which helps you visualize the directions you need to travel in order to reach point ‘B’ from point ‘A’. Thus, by following these directions you can easily reach from one place to another.

Space Maps

Let us take up the activity of drawing a map which will help us get directions in order to reach Rohan’s house from Raman’s house.

Space Maps

Above is a map which has both Raman’s house and Rohan’s house located on it. If you observe it keenly you will notice direction symbols on it. These direction symbols are also known as map symbols. There are many types of map symbols that we acknowledge in our day to day life. For example: in some maps you will find symbols representing trees on road side, river bodies in city etc. Thus, map symbols are important components of a map that help us visualize the information in the most conducive manner.

We can also determine the distance between two positions with the help of a map. We take the help of scales in such cases. A map scale is nothing but the measure of 1 unit shown in the map. One needs to be very careful about scaling the map that is he must be pivotal in choosing the value of one unit on the scale.

Thus, we learnt about drawing maps using map symbols and map scales.

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