Suppose you were given some random people’s names and their phone numbers and asked to arrange them. How will you handle this so that it can be easily recollected?  In our day-to-day life, we handle lots of situations like this. And this is the time when data handling comes in handy. We can record data in various ways; pictograph is one of them. Let us learn more about the topic.

Data and Pictograph

Data is set of collection of names, numbers, figures, etc., that convey some information. In simple words, data is just a collection of raw facts and figures. It can be about anything. Data is made based on observations, research or analysis.  We can depict data in different forms such as tables, charts, pictures, graphs, etc.

A pictograph is a pictorial representation of a word or expression.  It is one of the methods of recording data in a more interesting way. In pictograph, data is recorded in form of images and these images help us to understand statistical information in a much easier way. However, it demands a lot of attention because the chances of misinterpretation are high. A pictograph is also known as a pictogram, pictorial chart, picture graph and many more.

Pictograph 1

Drawing a Pictograph

As mentioned before, pictograph is all about pictures and pictorial representation. To make it more interesting, a pictogram must be precise and properly described. Hence, we should be alert using images that we will use to represent the data. Let’s construct a pictogram of the following data.

The following are the weights of five persons. Here we will represent this data as a pictograph, as shown below.

What is Pictograph

Representation: We will use bananas and cherry to picture this data. Below are values of banana and cherry:

Pictograph example

Pictograph: A pictogram of the above data would be:

How to draw a pictograph

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs


If one banana costs 10 rupees what will be the cost of 10 bananas?

If one banana costs 10 rupees then,
10 banana’s costs = 10 × 10=100 rupees

If 10 apples cost 50 rupees then what is the cost of one apple?

Cost of 10 apples = 50
Then cost of 1 apple = 50/10 = 5 rupees

If 1 banana costs 5 rupees and 2 apples cost 10 rupees, what is the cost of 1 banana and 2 apples?

1 banana + 2 apples = 5 + 10=15 rupees

Pictographs are always represented with what?

Pictograph are always represented with pictures.

What will be the cost of 5 pens if one pen cost is 5 rupees?

Cost of 1 pen = 5 rupees
Then Cost of 5 pens = 5 × 5= 25 rupees
Any data can be easily represented using pictures. To solve more problems and to watch interactive videos on the topic, download BYJU’S – The Learning App. Also, take free tests to practice for exams.

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