Word Problems on Number Operations

A number is a figure or a value to denote the count or quantity of something. The counting numbers or natural numbers include the numerals 1, 2, 3, 4, etc and are the fundamental of a number. Arithmetic is the elementary branch which studies about numbers, their properties, and arithmetical operations.

There are basically four operations: additions (+), subtraction (-), multiplication (×) and division (÷). Each operation helps us to calculate how more or less an object than the other. Let’s practice how to solve word problems using these arithmetical operations.

Word Problems Examples

Example 1: Akshit won a lottery of cash prize Rs.157800. He deposited the amount in his bank account. If he had Rs.45000 in his account, what is his current bank balance?

Word Problems

Solution: We have to find the total amount in Akshit’s bank account. Given,

Amount of cash Akshit won by lottery = Rs.157800

Amount Akshit had before winning lottery= Rs.45000

Total amount Akshit have after winning lottery= 157800 + 45000 = 202800

Akshit has Rs.202800 as his current balance.

Example 2: Babuji bought a car for Rs. 375000. After three years he sold his car and bought a new car for Rs. 830000. How much more has Babuji paid for his new car?

Solution: We have to find the price difference.


Cost of old car= Rs. 375000

Cost of new car= Rs. 830000

Price difference between new car and old car = 830000 – 375000 = 455000

Babuji has paid Rs. 455000 more for his new car.

Example 3: Prateek is a bookworm. He has a home library and he arranges 483 books per shelves. If there are 32 shelves like this, what will be the count of books in Prateek’s library?

Word Problems

Solution: Given,

Total no. of shelves = 32

No. of books per shelve = 483

Total no. of books in the library = 483 x 32 = 15456

Prateek has 15456 books in his library.

Example 4: A shoe factory manufactured 66250 shoes in 250 days. How many shoes did it manufacture per day?

Solution: Given,

Total no. of shoes manufactured= 66250

Total no. of days taken to manufacture 66250 shoes = 250 days

No. of shoes manufactured per day= 66250 ÷ 250

Word Problems on Number Operations

Hence, factory-produced 265 shoes per day.

Class 4th Maths Word Problems

Q.1: One vegetable basket has 22 tomatoes. How many total tomatoes are there if there are 4 such baskets?

Solution: Given,

In one basket, there are 22 tomatoes.

In four such baskets, the number of total tomatoes will be = 4 x 22 = 88 tomatoes

Q.2: If 228 butterflies out of 668 flies from a tree, how many butterflies are left?

Solution: Given,

Total butterflies sitting in the tree = 668

Total butterflies flew from tree = 228


Total butterflies left = 668 – 228 = 440

Therefore, total 440 butterflies left.

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  4. please solve my quition A bucket has 12 litres 50ml of milk. out of which, 8litres 250ml of milk is used for making sweets. how much milk is now left in the bucket.

    please solve the world problems of Std – 4

    • Total amount of milk in a bucket = 12 litres 50ml = 12.05 litres
      Amount of milk used for making sweets = 8 litres 250 ml = 8.25 litres
      Amount of milk left in the bucket = 12.05 – 8.25 = 3.8 litres