Perimeter of a Rectangle Formula

In this article, we will discuss the perimeter of a rectangle in detail along with its rectangle perimeter formula and a few solved examples. We know that the perimeter of any two-dimensional shape is equal to the total distance covered by the boundary of the given shape.

Perimeter of a Rectangle

The perimeter of a rectangle is defined as the sum of all the sides of a rectangle. For any polygon, the perimeter formulas are the total distance around its sides. In case of a rectangle, the opposite sides of a rectangle are equal and so, the perimeter will be twice the width of the rectangle plus twice the height of the rectangle and it is denoted by the alphabet “p”

Perimeter of a Rectangle Formula

Perimeter of a Rectangle Formula

The perimeter of rectangle formula is given by

The perimeter of a rectangle, p = 2 ( l+b) units


“l” is the length of the rectangle

“b” is the breadth of the rectangle

Solved Examples

Example 1: Find the perimeter of a rectangle whose length is 9 cm and width is 16 cm.



Length = 9 cm

Width = 16 cm

Perimeter of Rectangle= 2(Length + Breadth)

= 2(9 + 16) cm

= 2 x 25 cm

Therefore, the perimeter of a rectangle= 50 cm

Example 2: Find the perimeter of a rectangle whose length and width is 20 cm and 9 cm respectively.



Length = 20 cm

Width = 9 cm

Perimeter of Rectangle = 2(Length + Breadth)

= 2(20 +9) cm

= 2 x 29 cm

Therefore, the perimeter of a rectangle = 58 cm

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