Time Speed Distance: Questions

The time speed distance are an integral topic of the CAT exam. Almost 4-5 questions are always asked in the CAT quantitative section from this topic. Practice the following questions to understand the current preparation level and prepare accordingly.

Time Speed Distance: Practice Questions

1. Amir travels half of his journey by Bus at a Speed of 200/9m/s and half of his journey by Metro at 120km/h. Calculate his average Speed over the entire journey.

a) 86 km/h

b) 75 km/h

c) 90 km/h

d) 96 km/h


2. Ram by bus takes double the Time taken by train to travel from Bangalore to Chennai. What is the Speed of the train if the Speed of bus is 40 km/hr.

a) 40 kmph

b) 60 kmph

c) 80 kmph

d) 30 kmph


3. Vivek and Bharath go home daily after Office by an Office Cab which has a Speed of 40 kmph. Vivek takes 20% more Time than Bharath to reach his home. If Bharath’s house is at a Distance of 30 km from the office, then calculate the Distance of Vivek’s house from the office.

a) 36 km

b) 40 km

c) 45 km

d) 42 km


4. One day Prakash started late for office by 1 hour, so he increased his normal Speed by 5 km/hr so that he reaches on Time. Find the normal Time taken to reach his office if his office is at a Distance of 60 km from his house

a) 3 hrs

b) 5 hrs

c) 6 hrs

d) 4 hrs


5. If Sajesh increases his Speed from 12 km/hr to 15 km/hr while coming from Office to home, he reaches home one hour early. Determine the Distance between his home and the office.

a) 40 kms

b) 50 kms

c) 60 kms

d) 70 kms


Questions 6-7:

A starts from home for his office. He travels downhill, then on flatground and then uphill to reach his office.

It takes him 3 hrs to reach the office. On the way back home A takes 3 hrs 10 min to reach home along the same route.

The Speeds downhill is 60 km/hr, on flat ground is 48 km/hr and uphill is 40 km/hr.


6) What is the Distance between A’s home and his office?

a) 144 km

b) 148 km

c) 154 km

d) 100 km


7) By what Distance should his office be shifted so that the Time taken to go to the office is same as Time taken to reach home from the office?

a) 20 km

b) 30 km

c) 40 km

d) 15 km

Directions for questions 8-9:

The figure represents a square track in a racing game with O as the central point .all the concentric tracks,

i.e. ABCD, EFGH, IJKL are all squares. Cross Lines like RNJFB and DHLPT pass through the centre and run across the square tracks.

The Distances of points A,B,C,D is 2x from O and that of E,F,G,H is 4x from O, that of I,J,K,L is 8n from O and so it continues.

There are 3 players P1,P2 and P3 positioned at Q,N and R respectively.

The aim is to reach the finish flag placed at B first. They can move only along the tracks and the Cross lines

Time Speed Distance


8) If both P1 and P2 start running simultaneously, then the ratio of the Time taken for them to reach the point B is?

a) 1:2

b) 3:4

c) 4:1



9) Given that P1,P2 P3 start running towards the finishing post “B” at the same Time. What is the ratio of their Speeds if they all reach the finishing post simultaneously?

a) 1:1:2

b) 2:3:5

c) 5:6:8

d) 3:7:4


10) Amit and Bala leave at 8 am everyday to meet each other at point X after 2 hours. On one day, Amit walks at 5/6th of the usual Speed while Bala starts one hour late.Bala thus increases his Speed by 25%. Now Amit takes ½ hour more than usual to meet Bala and they meet ½ km away from the point X.

Find out the Speeds of A and B and the total Distance travelled by them?

a) 5 kmph, 5 kmph, 20 km

b) 6 kmph, 4 kmph, 22 km

c) 6 kmph, 4 kmph, 20 km

d) 4 kmph, 6 kmph, 20 km


11)A 50m long platoon is marching ahead. The last person in the platoon wants to give a letter to the first person leading the platoon.So while the platoon is marching he runs ahead, reaches the first person and hands over the letter to him and without stopping he runs and comes back to his original position.In the mean Time the whole platoon has moved ahead by 50m. How much Distance (approximately) did the last person cover in that Time.Assuming that he ran the whole Distance with uniform Speed.

a) 120m

b) 100m

c) 102m

d) 97m


12) Amar, Akbar and Anthony ran on a racetrack, with Amar finishing 160 m ahead of Akbar and 400 m ahead of Anthony.Akbar finished the race 300 m ahead of Anthony. The three of them ran the entire Distance with their respective constant Speeds. What was the length of the racetrack?.

a) 600m

b) 800m

c) 1000m

d) 500m


13) A and B are moving in a circular track in the same direction. They start simultaneously in a race which requires them to cover 15 rounds.Whenever A &B meet, it was found that the ratio of the number of rounds covered by them till then is 3:1.The Time taken by B to complete the race if they meet every 5 minutes is?

a) 75 mins

b) 100 min

c) 150 min

d) 50 min


14) A and B drive separately to an ice-cream parlour. A’s average driving Speed is greater than B’s average driving Speed by 1/3rd of B’s driving Speed, and A drives twice as many kilometers as B.What is the ratio of the number of hours A spends driving to the parlour to the number of hours B spends driving to the parlour?

a) 2:3

b) 4:3

c) 3:2

d) 8:3


15) Ahmed and Sahil set out together on bicycle traveling at 15 and 12 kilometers per hour, respectively.After 40 minutes, Ahmed stops to fix a flat tire. If it takes Ahmed one hour to fix the flat tire and Sahil continues to ride during this Time,how many hours will it take Ahmed to catch up to Sahil assuming he resumes his ride at 15 kilometers per hour? (consider Ahmed’s deceleration /acceleration before/after the flat to be negligible)

a) 4.5

b) 3 1/3

c) 3.5

d) 4


16) Ajay and Arun start running simultaneously from the diametrically opposite ends of a circular track towards each other at 15km/h and 25km/h respectively. After every 10 minutes their Speed reduces to half of their current Speeds. If the length of the circular track is 1500 m,how many Times will Ajay and Arun meet on the track?

a) 6

b) 9

c) 11

d) 7


17) Katrina walks down an up-escalator and counts 150 steps. Priyanka walks up the same escalator and counts 75 steps. Katrina takes three times as many steps in a given Time as Priyanka.How many steps are visible on the escalator?

(a) 105

(b) 150

(c) 135

(d) 120


18) Two guys Abhinav and Bineesh are walking down an escalator in the direction of the motion of the escalator.A takes three steps in the same Time when B takes two steps. When A covers 90 steps he gets out of the escalator while B takes 80 steps to get out of the escalator. If they start from opposite ends using the same escalator, find the difference in steps covered by them when they meet.

a) 48

b) 20

c) 30

d) 24


19) Two ships take different routes to reach the “spice capital of the world”. The Distances traveled by the two ships are in the ratio of 3:2. Ship 1 moves at 40kmph and ship 2 travel at 60kmph.If the two ships arrived at their destination with a Time gap of 1 hour, what is the Distance traveled by both the ships together?

a) 72km

b) 120km

c) 150km

d) none


20) The ‘moving walkway’ in an uptown mall in Paris is a 300-metre long walkway consisting of a conveyor belt that moves continuously at 3 meters per second. When Ishan steps on the walkway, a group of teenagers that are also on the walkway stands 120 meters in front of him.He walks toward the group at a combined rate (including both walkway and foot Speed) of 6 meters per second relative to the ground.Once Ishan reaches the group of teenagers, he stops walking and stands with them until the walkway ends.What is Ishan’s average rate of movement for his trip along the moving walkway?

a) 2 m/s

b) 3 m/s

c) 3.5 m/s

d) 5 m/s


21) Peter, Sana, and Gavin are visiting the Adams family who are staying 200km away. Each of their walking Speeds is 10 km/h. Initially, Peter and Gavin travel in a car at the rate of 50kmph and Sana walks the Distance.After a while, Gavin gets off the car as he feels nauseated and walks the rest of the Distance to the house. Peter goes back in the car to fetch Sana and they all reach the house at the same Time.What was the entire Time involved in traveling?

a) 10 hours

b) 7 hours

c) 8 ½ hours

d) 8 hours


22) Anu and Varsha are running on a circular track at a rate of 44 m/min and 22 m/min respectively. They start on the same point and run in opposite directions. The diameter of the track is 140 m. When they both meet for the 12th Time, what is the Distance that Anu would have covered over Varsha?

a) 1500

b) 1825

c) 1760

d) none of these


23) Consider a circular track of circumference= 1400 m. There are 2 bikes which start from point A and move in the opposite direction. Once they meet, they start moving in the opposite directions. The one that moves in the anticlockwise direction to the other one has a Speed in the ratio of 36:48 kmph.Find the Distance of the two bikes from A when they meet for the 15th Time?

a) 1200

b) 250

c) 350

d) none of these


24) Afsan is deciding which car to rent for a day for a class trip, from among anPinnova and a Bilto. The rate/km is in a ratio of 3:2, the seating capacity is in a ratio of 5:2. The Speeds are in the ratio of 7:4.Find out the ratio of the maximum cost incurred that day for the two car types, given that there is no wastage of capacity or Time?

a) 60:28

b) 56:30

c) 105:16

d) 140:12


25) Amit and Aman have to travel from Delhi to Jaipur in their respective cars. Amit is driving at 60 kmph while Aman is driving at 90 kmph. Find the Time taken by Aman to reach Jaipur if Amit takes 9 hrs.

a) 6 hours

b) 4 hours

c) 2 hours

d) none of these


26) Ram and Shyam are standing at two ends of a room with a width of 30 m. They start walking towards each other along the width of the room with a Speed of 2 m/s and 1 m/s respectively. Find the total Distance traveled by Ram when he meets Shyam for the third Time.

a) 60 m

b) 100 m

c) 200 m

d) none of these


27) Two trains A and B leave stations P and Q simultaneously and travel towards Q and P respectively on the same route. After meeting en route, A takes one hour to reach Q and B takes 4 hours to reach P.How long did A take to cover the entire Distance?

a) 6 hours

b) 4 hours

c) 2 hours

d) none of these

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