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The Free LIC AAO Mock Tests will help candidates revise, analyse, and comprehensively prepare for the LIC AAO Specialist Officer Examination.

LIC AAO Specialist notification is released by the Life Insurance Corporation. Aspirants of LIC AAO Specialist Officers must gear up their preparation for the examination. Candidates who wish to be an Assistant Administrative Officer at LIC can take LIC AAO Free Mock Tests.

Take Free LIC AAO Online Mock Tests For Preliminary Exam Now!

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Candidates appearing for LIC AAO examination can check their preparation level by taking LIC AAO Prelims Mock Tests provided by BYJU’S.

LIC AAO job profile attracts lakhs of candidates, thus, making competition fierce. Aspirants of the LIC AAO exam need thorough practice to crack the exam. BYJU’s Free LIC AAO Mock Test can help prepare well and ace the LIC AAO exam. 

Know more about various LIC Exams in the article linked here.

Life Insurance Corporation of India conducts various LIC exams annually of which the LIC AAO exam is conducted to recruit various eligible candidates as Assistant Administrative Officers in its branches all over the nation. 

LIC AAO full form is Assistant Administrative Officer. The LIC AAO job profile offers decent remuneration and good prospects for professional growth. 

For more details on LIC AAO exam please check the linked article.

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Each LIC AAO Online Mock Test is free and made comprehensively for LIC AAO exam preparation. It consists of Answer keys and detailed solutions to each question as well.  

Not just that, LIC AAO free mock tests are made in alignment with the exam pattern followed in the actual LIC AAO exam. 

LIC AAO Online Test Series

The free online LIC AAO mock test series comprises of 25 model questions in each Online Mock Tests that are based on the previous year papers of LIC Assistant Administrative Officer exam.

LIC AAO Free Mock Test series provided by BYJU’s comprises questions from the three main sections of the exam i.e. Reasoning, Quantitative Aptitude, and English Language.

Why Solve LIC AAO Mock Tests?

Candidates must note that there are various advantages of solving the LIC AAO mock test series:

  1. It helps a candidate understand the exam pattern well. The questions asked in the mock test series are based on the latest exam pattern keeping the previous year question paper in consideration.
  2. Time management can be well understood by solving mock tests on a regular basis. Practising more and more practise papers will enable a candidate strategize a systematic plan to solve the final paper.
  3. Another advantage is that solving LIC AAO mock tests will let a candidate understand the difficulty level of the examination.
  4. It is the best source to learn your strengths and weaknesses in the among the various subjects and topics included in the LIC AAO exam. An individual can know which subjects require more practise and how to can the performance be improved.
  5. Based on the marks scored in each practise paper or mock tests, the candidate will be able to gain more self confidence which will further prove to be helpful at the time of examination.

It is suggested that candidates must also solve LIC AAO previous year question papers to analyse the exam pattern and standard of examination in detail.

Candidates can prepare current affairs for the upcoming LIC AAO 2023 examination at the linked article.

LIC AAO Exam Pattern

Life Insurance Corporation of India sets the LIC AAO paper pattern. LIC AAO exam pattern has slightly changed from the exam pattern that was followed until the last recruitment drive for the LIC AAO exam.

Now, for the year 2023, LIC has set the sectional time limit for in LIC AAO Prelims exam. The Sectional Time limit set by LIC for different sections are as below:

The table below shows the LIC AAO exam pattern of Preliminary stage:

LIC AAO Prelims Exam Pattern
LIC AAO Exam Stage Syllabus Duration Marks Sectional Time
Preliminary Exam Quantitative Aptitude 1 hour 35marks 20 Minutes
Reasoning Ability 35 marks 20 Minutes
English Language 30 marks 20 Minutes

Taking free LIC AAO Mock Test series gives candidates a chance to practise and revise the whole LIC AAO Prelims syllabus. They understand the preparation level, the latest exam pattern, the scope of questions and time to be given to each question during the final face-off.

Candidates should prepare extensively for AAO exam by taking regular LIC AAO Mock Tests, Online Quizzes and practicing LIC AAO previous year papers. 

The LIC AAO free mock test pattern will be the same as the one given below. Candidates can refer to the free LIC AAO mock test given below.

LIC AAO Mock Test 1

Directions for Q.1 and Q.2: In each question, a word with its contextual usage is provided. Pick the word from among the alternatives that are the most appropriate substitute for the question word in the given context and mark its number as your answer.

Q.1 EQUIVOCATE: Unable to face a barrage of questions from reporters, the minister had to resort to equivocation.

  1. Allusion
  2. Prevarication
  3. Diatribe
  4. Endearment
  5. Suggestion

Answer: 1

Q. 2 UNFATHOMABLE: The stoic depth of Hinduism will remain unfathomable to those who pretend to be its action heroes

  1. Inscrutable
  2. Ambiguous
  3. Immeasurable
  4. Enigmatic
  5. Elusive

Answer: 4

Solutions for Q.1 and Q.2

Solution 1: The minister is unable to answer in this context. Thus he would be in no mood for endearment (words of affection ) nor would he use ‘allusion’ and ‘suggestion’. The right word is ‘prevarication’ (deviation from the truth) (1)

Solution 2: ‘Unfathomable’ is what can’t be comprehended usually because it is strange or complicated and ‘enigmatic’ is the most appropriate answer. (4)

Directions for Q.3 and Q.4: In each of the following sentences, a part of the sentence is underlined. Beneath each sentence, five different ways of phrasing the underlined part are indicated. Choose the best alternative and mark its subsequent number as your answer.

Q.3 India may be the proverbial slow and steady tortoise but hardly it can afford to amble in the age of speed and technology, burdened by a deep-rooted corruption that is not just holding it back, but also eroding its very foundation

  1. But hardly it can afford to amble along in the age of speed and technology
  2. But it can hardly afford to amble along in this age of speed and technology
  3. But hardly can it afford to amble in this age of speed and technology
  4. But it can hardly afford to amble in this age of speed and technology
  5. No change required

Answer: 2

Solution 3: There are two errors in the underlined part. One is in the positioning of the adverbs ‘hardly’ – it qualifies the verb ‘afford’ and hence must precede it. Second it is ‘amble along’ not amble. While amble means ‘walk at a slow relaxed speed’, amble along suggests the direction in which it is moving. Only choice 2 is correct. (2)

Q.4 Since the 1990s, politicians and pundits predicted the arrival of a digital utopia wherein robots would do the washing up and we would live in peace and harmony in an electronically connected global village – thanks to the net.

  1. Pundits had predicted the imminent arrival of a digital utopia wherein
  2. Pundits have predicted the imminent arrival of a digital utopia where
  3. Pundits have predicted the imminent arrival of a digital utopia in which
  4. Pundits predicted the imminent arrival of a digital utopia in which
  5. No changes required

Answer: 3

Solution 4: The present perfect ‘have predicted’ is appropriate with the time reference ‘since the 1960s’. The underlined part refers to a ‘digital utopia’ – ‘in which’ or ‘wherein’ are both correct but ‘where’ in choice 2 is wrong (3)

Directions for Q.5 and Q.6: Each question has a pair of capitalised words. Choose the pair of words that expresses the best relationship similar to the capitalized pair.


  1. Unparalleled : Opportunity
  2. Unpretentious : Thoroughfare
  3. Unpalatable : Truth
  4. Unobtrusive : Lecture
  5. Unpremeditated : Observation

Answer: 2

Solution 5: ‘Unprofessional conduct’ is a common collocation as ‘unpalatable truth’; none of the other choices are normal collocations. (2)


  1. Numinous : Beauty
  2. Nugatory : Institution
  3. Nondescript : Mansion
  4. Ortund : Sphere
  5. Newfangled : Progress

Answer: 1

Solution 6: ‘Pornography is ‘obscene’. Beauty can be ‘numinous’. The other pairs do not go well together. (1)

Directions for Q.7 – Q.8: Each question has a number of sentences which when properly sequenced, form a coherent paragraph. Each sentence is labelled with a letter. Choose from among the given options to construct a coherent paragraph


  1. The nature of Dhrupad is spiritual.
  2. It is a form of devotional music that traces its origins to ancient texts of Sama Veda
  3. The word Dhrupad is derived from Dhruva, the steadfast evening star, and ‘pada’ meaning poetry
  4. Dhrupad is an ancient style of Hindustani classical music that has survived its original form
  5. It induces a feeling of peace and contemplation in the audience
  1. 34152
  2. 42351
  3. 43215
  4. 45132
  5. 53421

Answer: 3

Solution 7: 4 introduces the topic, 3 follows explaining how the style derived its name. B then explains about the origin. 1 precedes 5, for 5 substantiates what has been stated in 1. Hence we have 43215 (3)


  1. Greene’s preoccupation with the seedy and the sordid is one of the most striking facts about him
  2. “Seediness has a very deep appeal,” he has said somewhere
  3. He chooses to portray only the weak people, the failures
  4. His heroes are, often, people whose weaknesses draw them to the dark
  5. Greene’s development as a novelist reveals an attempt to restore the religious sense to the English novel
  1. 53412
  2. 54132
  3. 54123
  4. 12345
  5. 45312

Answer: 1

Solution 8: 5 opens the paragraph because it launches the topic (Greene – as a novelist). 34 go together because 3 tells us about what he has chosen to portray and 4 tells us about his heroes. 1 precedes 2, for 2 substantiates what has been stated in 1. Thus we have 53412 (1)

Directions for Q.9 – Q.12: Answer the question on the basis of the information given below:

In a library, 150 books are in Sanskrit, 400 books are in Saxony, 300 books are in Russian, 200 books are in Sanskrit and Saxony, 130 books are in Russian and Saxony, 160 books are in India and Russian and 75 books are in all three languages. There is no other book in the library

Q.9 How many books are there in the library

  1. 680
  2. 745
  3. 660
  4. 720
  5. 715

Answer: 4

Q.10 What is the ratio of the number of books in only Hindi to the number of books in only English?

  1. 13 : 10
  2. 3 : 5
  3. 4 : 3
  4. 30 : 29
  5. None of these

Answer: 4

Q.11 What is the percentage of the books available only in one language?

  1. 54.16%
  2. 48.23%
  3. 39.34%
  4. 45.70%
  5. 59.25%

Answer: 1

Q.12 What is the number of books that are in at least 2 languages?

  1. 330
  2. 300
  3. 290
  4. 305
  5. 285

Answer: 1

Solution Q.9 – Q.12

Number of books that are in Sanskrit and Saxony but not in Russian = 200 – 75 = 125

Number of books that are in Sanskrit and Russian but not in Saxony = 150 – 75 = 75

Number of books that are in Saxony and Russian but not in Sanskrit = 130 – 75 = 55

Number of books that are only in Saxony = 400 – (125 + 75 + 55) = 145

Number of books that are only in Russian = 300 – (75 + 75 + 55) = 95

Now the venn diagram for this problem is as follows:

Solution 9: (4) Total number of books in the library = 145 + 125 + 75 + 55 + 150 + 95 = 720

Solution 10: (4) Required ratio is 150:145 = 30:29

Solution 11: (1) Number of books in only one language = 145 + 150 + 95 = 390

Percentage of books

Percentage of books in only one language = 390/720 x 100

= 54.16%

Solution 12: (1) At least 330 books are in two languages

Directions for Q.13 – Q.17: Answer the question on the basis of the information given below.

B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I and J are sitting around a circular table. All individuals are facing towards the centre of the table.

G is third to the right of B. E is second to the right of J who is second to the right of G. D is third to the right of F. H is second to the left of F. C is fourth to the right of I. F is not an immediate neighbour of E.

Q.13 Who among the following is the immediate right neighbour of B?

  1. H
  2. D
  3. F
  4. C
  5. I

Answer: 3

Q.14 Who among the following sits third right to H?

  1. G
  2. C
  3. J
  4. D
  5. I

Answer: 5

Q.15 Who among the following sits between B and I?

  1. E
  2. H
  3. G
  4. F
  5. I

Answer: 4

Q.16 The position of J is

  1. Third right to F
  2. Sits between H and E
  3. Immediate right to C
  4. Immediate left to G
  5. Fourth left to B

Answer: 5

Q.17 Which of the following is the third left to I?

  1. F
  2. G
  3. H
  4. D
  5. C

Answer: 3

Solution Q.13 – Q.17

As per the given information, the sitting arrangement at the circular table and persons is as follows:

Solution 13: F is to the immediate right neighbour of (3)

Solution 14: I sits third right to H (5)

Solution 15: F sits between B and I (4)

Solution 16: (5) The position of J is fourth left to B

Solution 17: (3) H sits third left to I

Directions for Q.18 – Q.22: Study the following problems and answer the questions.

Q.18 The HCF of two numbers is 26 and their LCM is 7150. If one number is 286, then find the other number

  1. 125
  2. 275
  3. 400
  4. 650
  5. 525

Answer: 4

Solution 18: (4) Product of two numbers = HCF x LCM

Therefore, required number = 7150 x 26 / 286 = 650

Q.19 The HCF of two numbers is 24 and the other two factors of their LCM are 25 and 31. Find the larger number

  1. 456
  2. 674
  3. 744
  4. 245
  5. 868

Answer: 3

Solution 19: Other two factors of LCM are 25 and 31, since they are co-prime therefore, the large number = 31 x HCF of two numbers = 31 x 24 = 744 (3)

Q.20 If three numbers are in the ratio 3 : 5 : 6 and their LCM is 2160, then find their HCF

  1. 16
  2. 18
  3. 20
  4. 22
  5. 24

Answer: 5

Solution 20: (5) Let the three numbers be 3x, 5x and 6x

So their HCF = x and LCM = 3 x 5 x 6 x X = 2160 => x = 24

Q.21 What least number must be added to 2178, so that the sum is completely divisible by 39?

  1. 6
  2. 17
  3. 23
  4. 29
  5. 35

Answer: 1

Solution 21: (1) 2178 = 55 x 39 + 33

So, the least number that must be added to 2178 = (39 – 33) = 6

Q.22 In a division sum, the divisor is 12 times the quotient and 4 times the remainder. If the remainder is 45 what is the dividend?

  1. 2745
  2. 2675
  3. 2525
  4. 2460
  5. 2390

Answer: 1

Solution 22: (1) Divisor = 4 x 45 = 180

Divisor = 12 x quotient = 180 => Quotient = 15

Dividend = Divisor x Quotient + Remainder = 180 x 15 + 45 = 2745

Directions for Questions 23-25: What will come in place of ‘?’ in the given series?

Q.23 23, 24, 28, 37, 53, 78, ?

  1. 113
  2. 109
  3. 114
  4. 117
  5. 105

Answer: (3 )114

Solution 23: The pattern of the given series is as follows:







The required answer is 114

Q.24 4, 25, 155, 1090, ?, 78530

  1. 8725
  2. 8345
  3. 7456
  4. 9345
  5. 5432

Answer: (1) 8725

Solution 24: The pattern of the given series is as follows:






Q.25 3, 12, 41, 108 ? 458

  1. 537
  2. 769
  3. 342
  4. 237
  5. 354

Answer: (4) 237

Solution 25: The pattern of the given series is as follows:

3+23 +1= 12


41+43+3= 108


237+63+5= 458

Candidates are suggested to keep checking the page for new LIC Mock Tests.

Frequently Asked Questions for LIC AAO Mock Tests


Q 1. Can LIC AAO mock test series by BYJU’S be solved offline?

Ans. Yes, a candidate can solve LIC AAO mock test series offline as well. The free online LIC mock tests by BYJU’S have been given in PDF format and candidates can download the PDF and solve the practise papers offline.

Q 2. Are the LIC AAO mock tests provided by BYJU’S available along with solutions?

Ans. Yes, the LIC AAO free mock tests provided by BYJU’S comprises of detailed solution for every question asked in the mock test series.

Q 3. What criteria should be kept in mind while choosing the best LIC AAO mock test series?

Ans. Given below are a set of pointers that must be kept in mind while choosing the mock test series online:

  • The mock tests should be based on the latest exam pattern
  • Final evaluation should be provided to the candidate at the end of the practise paper
  • The level of exam must not be easy. Questions asked must be moderate
  • It must be easily accessible and free
  • Every mock tests must not have repetitive questions

Q 4. What is the selection process for LIC AAO 2023 examination?

Ans. The LIC AAO 2023 exam shall be conducted in four stages:

    • LIC AAO Prelims Examination
    • LIC AAO Mains Examination
    • Interview
    • Pre-Recruitment Medical Examination

Candidates can check the LIC AAO syllabus at the linked article.


Q 5. Can a candidate attempt the LIC AAO mock test multiple times?

Ans. Yes, a candidate can solve the free LIC AAO mock test multiple times by downloading the practise paper PDF and attempting it as many times as per their requirement.


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