Difference between Square and Rectangle

The major difference between a square and a rectangle is that a square has all its sides equal, whereas a rectangle has its opposite sides equal. In Geometry, we have learnt different types of shapes such as square, rectangle, cube, cone, cylinder, parallelogram, rhombus, and so on.

All these shapes can fall under any one of the categories such as two-dimensional shapes or three-dimensional shapes. All the shapes can share a few characteristics. But they have many different characteristics and properties that differentiate the shapes from each other. In this article, let us discuss the difference between a rectangle and a square in detail.

Definition of Square and Rectangle

Square: A square is a closed two-dimensional plane figure with four sides. All four sides of the square are of equal measure. Also, the four interior angles of a quadrilateral are 9o degrees. In other words, a square is considered a quadrilateral or a 4-sided polygon. Since all the angles are of equal measure, it is considered an equiangular quadrilateral.

Rectangle: A rectangle is a quadrilateral with four sides. The opposite side of a rectangle is parallel to each other. It means that the opposite faces of the rectangle are of equal measure. A rectangle has four angles, each measuring about 90 degrees. Like a square, a rectangle is also called an equiangular quadrilateral.

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What Is the Difference between Square and Rectangle?

The key differences between a square and a rectangle are listed below:

Square Rectangle
All sides are of equal length. Only the opposite sides are of equal length.
Diagonals of a square are the perpendicular bisector of each other. Diagonals of a rectangle are not perpendicular bisector of each other.
Area of square = Side2 Area of Rectangle = Length x Breadth
Perimeter of square = 4 x (side-length) Perimeter of rectangle = 2(Length+Breadth)

These are the two major differences between the square and rectangle. To summarize, a square is a special kind of rectangle that has all its sides equal in measurement. To learn more on this topic, visit BYJU’S – The Learning App and download the app to learn with ease.

Video Lesson on Properties of Rectangles

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs


What is the difference between square and rectangle?

A square has all its sides equal in length, and a rectangle has its parallel sides equal.

What are the similarities between rectangles and square?

Squares and rectangles both are a type of quadrilateral, both have their four interior angles equal to 90 degrees and opposite sides parallel to each other.

Is square a rectangle?

A square is a special kind of rectangle whose all its sides are equal in length

What is the shape of rectangle and square?

Square and rectangle are two-dimensional, flat-shaped, closed geometric figure, made of four sides and four angles. The interior angles are equal to 90 degrees, and the sides are parallel to each other.
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