What is Vector?

A vector is a quantity which has both magnitude and direction. A vector quantity, unlike scalar, has a direction component along with the magnitude which helps to determine the position of one point relative to the other. Learn more about vectors here.

What is a Vector in Maths?

In maths, a vector is a quantity that not only describes the magnitude but also describes the movement of an object or the position of an object with respect to another point or object. It is also known as Euclidean vector, geometric vector or spatial vector.

In mathematics, the length of the segment of the directed line is called the magnitude of a vector and the angle at which the vector is inclined shows the direction of the vector.

What are the Components of a Vector?

A vector has mainly two components which are horizontal and vertical components. The value of the horizontal component is cos θ while the value of the vertical component is sin θ. Learn more about vector components here.

What is Vector Multiplication?

There are two ways to multiply vectors which are:

For dot product, the formula is a.b=|a||b| cos θ and for vector product, the formula is |a||b|sin θ.

Frequently Asked Questions on Vector


What is the definition of a vector?

A vector is defined as a quantity which has both magnitude and direction.


What are the two types of vector multiplication?

The two types of vector multiplication are:

  • Dot product of 2 vectors
  • Cross product or the vector product of two vectors

What are the types of vectors?

There are 10 types of vectors:

  • Zero Vector
  • Unit Vector
  • Position Vector
  • Co-initial Vector
  • Like and Unlike Vectors
  • Co-planar Vector
  • Collinear Vector
  • Equal Vector
  • Displacement Vector
  • Negative of a Vector
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