Difference Between Neurosis and Psychosis

Difference Between Neurosis and Psychosis

Neurosis and Psychosis are different types of mental disorders. Neurosis refers to a mild mental disorder. Certain mental and physical disturbances and inner struggles characterize neurosis. Psychosis, on the other hand, is a major personality disorder marked by mental and emotional disruptions. While neurosis is a mild mental disorder, psychosis refers to insanity and madness. Given below in a tabular column are the differences between neurosis and psychosis.

Neurosis vs Psychosis

Neurosis Psychosis
Mild functional neuro-psychical disorders that manifest themselves in specific clinical phenomena in the absence of psychical phenomena. A severe mental illness characterised by loss of contact with reality and relationship with other people causing social maladaptation.
Doesn’t affect personality Affects personality
The contact with reality is partially lost The contact with reality is completely lost
Hallucinations and delusions are not present Hallucinations and delusions are present
Lower risk of self-harm Higher risk of self-harm
Obsessive-compulsive disorders, Somatoform disorders, Depression and Post-traumatic disorders are a few types of neurosis. Schizophrenia and delusional disorders are a few types of psychosis.
The causing factor for neurosis are biological, socio-psychic climate, psychological, pedagogical, and socio-economic. The causing factors for psychosis are genetic, biochemical and environmental.
The treatment is usually psychological and medicines can also be prescribed. Psychosis is treated by antipsychotic medicines, psychological therapy, social support.

In spite of the listed differences, the neurotics and psychotics cannot be separated by watertight compartments and there is no sharp break between behaviour which is to be called psychotic and the behaviour which is to be called neurotic. Visit BYJU’S, to learn more differences like the difference between epidemic and pandemic.

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