Difference Between T Cells And B Cells

Our body’s immune system is made of acquired and innate immunity. The first line of defense is formed by innate immune cells whereas the second line of defense is formed by acquired immune cells. Another term for acquired immunity is adaptive immunity. It uses B-cells and T-cells to fight infection, virus and defend from bacteria which slip through the first line of defense. Both these cells are generated in bone marrow but mature differently. The B cells mature in the bone marrow and therefore known as B cells. The T cells mature in the thymus and therefore known as thymocytes. These cells mature and migrate to the bloodstream to circulate between peripheral lymphoid organs in their inactive state. There are two types of T cells namely Helper T cells and Killer T cells. Killer T cells are activated by the Helper T cells to destroy the infected cells to stop the replication of virus particles.

Difference Between T Cells And B Cells

Properties B Cells T Cells
Origin Bone marrow Thymus
Often called B lymphocytes T lymphocytes
Position Outside lymph node Inside lymph node
Surface antibodies Present Absent
Connect They connect to the surface of invading bacteria and virus They connect only to the virus antigen on the outside
Membrane receptor for antigen BCR TCR
Life Span Short Long
Secrete Antibodies Lymphokines
Types Only one active type Two types: Helper and Killer

These were some of the major difference between T cells and B cells. To know more about the origin and functions register to BYJU’S.

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