Structure Of Eye And Ear

The importance of one’s eyes and ears need not be specified. Eyes are not called the windows to the world for nothing and music can never be explained to a person who has never heard it, for all these and more, your eyes and ears are essential to life. Sight and sound are two of the most beautiful senses we possess. For this reason, it is quite important to comprehend the structure of eye and ear accompanied by their functions.

Structure of Eye

The structure of eye comprises three coats, within which further are three transparent structures. The outermost layer or the fibrous tunic consists of the cornea and sclera. In the middle layer, we have the vascular tunic or uvea, consisting of the choroid, ciliary body, and the iris. Moving further on, the innermost layer is the retina. It receives its circulation from the vessels of the choroid and also from the retinal vessels.

Within these coats lie the flexible lens, aqueous humor and the vitreous body. The working of the eyes can be understood in a few lines, an elementary idea, of course. Vision begins when the light is reflected off a surface and enters the eye through the cornea, which refracts the rays through the pupil. The light rays then pass through the lens which changes shape, bending the rays further and finally focusing it onto the retina.

Structure of Eye and Ear - Structure of eye

Structure of Ear

The structure of the ear can be broken down into three parts: the outer, inner and middle. The outer ear consists of the auricle or pinna which happens to be the visible portion. It channels the sound waves into the ear canal where it gets amplified from where the waves travel towards a membrane that vibrates. In the middle ear, the vibrations set the ossicles into motion. These sound waves enter the inner ear and then into the cochlea, filled with a fluid that moves with the vibrations. Further, the nerves are set into motion which becomes electrical impulses and travels to the brain where it is interpreted.

Structure of Ear

Structure of ear

The functions of the eyes and ear need not be mentioned. Nevertheless, apart from the obvious ones being eyesight and hearing, they are responsible for various other activities. In fact, the ear is also responsible for maintaining your equilibrium or balance.

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