Traditional Methods of Irrigation

Crops require water at regular interval of time for proper growth and development. This supply of water to the crops at regular intervals is known as irrigation. There are two methods of irrigation- traditional, and modern.

The traditional methods of irrigation include the following:

  • Check Basin Method
  • Furrow Irrigation Method
  • Strip Irrigation Method
  • Basin Irrigation Method

Check Basin Method

It is one of the best methods of irrigation for levelled fields. The field is divided into basins according to the water capacity. A small drain connects the basin. The basin size is as per the water inflow. The topmost place in the field is the main source of water.

This method does not require any technique. Also, it is rather inexpensive. It prevents soil erosion as the rainwater stays in the basin. A large area can be efficiently irrigated by this method.

Furrow Irrigation

Furrow irrigation is very prominent in crops planted in rows. ‘Dol’ (meaning: to sprout) is formed along the sides of the rows and the water flows between two ‘Dols’.

If the furrow is filled, there is no need to provide water again. It is comparatively cheap but is labour intensive. Food crops planted in large areas get a huge amount of water by this method.

Strip Irrigation

The fields are divided into strips of different sizes. The strips are constructed according to the slope. The structure of the land determines the size of the strips. It is an easy irrigation method and requires less labour.

Basin Irrigation Method

A raised platform is created around the trees and bushes. They are then connected with drains. This method is useful for irrigating trees and bushes and not suitable for crops. However, a lot of water is wasted in this method.

This is how water from the lakes, wells, and canals is carried to irrigate the fields. The traditional methods are cheaper and require less labour, but are quite inefficient. Therefore, modern methods of irrigation are implemented for better yields.

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