Gujarat Board Class 9 Maths Important Questions

Gujarat Board Class 9 Maths important question plays an important role for students for Class 9. It gives an idea of questions that can be framed in an examination, also develops skills for miscellaneous questions, which are generally neglected by students. Practising important questions for Class 9 Maths makes your learning effective and also improves your performance in the examination. These GSEB Class 9 Maths Important Questions help students to get a proper grasp of the subject.

GSEB Class 9 Maths Important Questions

Important questions for Class 9  Maths is systematically arranged according to the Gujarat Education Board syllabus and students are advised to be solved on regular basis. It will also help to score well in your Class 9 Maths examination. By practising the important questions of Class 9 Maths, students will get to know the often asked questions. These questions also cover the important topics from the Gujarat board textbook.

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Important Questions for Class 9 Maths

  1. Find the solution set of the following pair of linear equations.
    i. 2x + y = 35 (1)
    ii. 3x + 4y = 65 (2)
  2. Find the discriminant of the quadratic equation x2 + 5x + 1 = 0.
  3.  Find the sum of first 11 terms of an Arithmetic Progression 2, 9, 16, 231 …..
  4.  Find the 60th term of an Arithmetic Progression 10, 20, 30, 40, …….
  5. The cash price of a bicycle is Rs. 1,000. In instalment scheme, cash down payment is of Rs. 450
    and two monthly instalments of Rs. 300 each. Find the rate of interest charged in the
    instalment scheme.
  6. The cost price of a wrist-watch is Rs. 800. It can be purchased by paying Rs, 425 as cash down
    payment and the remaining amount to be paid after two months, giving interest of Rs. 35. Find
    the value of the instalment.
  7.  Prove that tan 5° • tan 25° • tan 45° • tan 65° • tan 85° = 1
  8.  Prove that square of the length of the hypotenuse of a right-angled triangle is the sum of the
    squares of the lengths of the other two sides.
  9. Prove that ”Angles in a segment corresponding to minor arc are 5 congruent”
  10. Prove that “Angle made by a chord with tangent at one end point of the chord and the angle
    subtended by the chord in the alternate segment are congruent”.
  11. Using the centre of a Circle, draw a tangent to the circle through a point in the exterior of circle.
    How many such tangents are drawn? Here, radius = 3 cm and the distance of the point, in the
    exterior of their circle, from the centre is 7 cm.
  12.  Kailash’s age at present is 2 years less than 6 times the age of his daughter Prema. The product
    of their ages 5 years later will be 330. What was the age of Kailash when his daughter Prerna
    was born?
  13. Write converse of Pythagoras Theorem and prove it.
  14. The petrol rate is increased by Rs. 5/- per liter. Now in Rs.1320/-, 2 liters less petrol is obtained
    as compared to previous rate. Find the increased price of petrol per liter.
  15. Two concentric circles having radii 73 and 55 are given. The chord of circle having greater larger
    radius touches the small circle. Then find the length of this chord.
  16. Find the area of triangle ΔABC having vertices A4, 2), B3, 9) and C10, 10)
  17. On Hemisphere, frustum of a Cone shaped shuttle-cock is used for playing Badminton. The outer
    radius of frustum of the cone is 5 cm and inner radius is 2 cm. The height of entire shuttle-cock is 7
    cm. Then find the outer surface area of shuttle-cock.
  18. If B= {1,2,3,4}, then the number of subsets of A are _____

(a) 2

(b) 4

(c) 8

(d) 16

19. Draw the graph for the linear equation 3𝑥𝑥 + 𝑦𝑦 = 2 by finding four solutions

20.  Find the possible values of a.

| a – 4| = 5


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