Algebra Problems

Many of us are familiar with the word problem, but are we aware of the fact and problems related to variables and constants? When we say 5 it means a number but what if we say x=5 or 5y or something like that?

This is where algebra came into existence algebra is that branch of mathematics which not only deals with numbers but also variable and alphabets. The versatility of Algebra is very deep and very conceptual, all the non-numeric character represents variable and numeric as constants

Algebra Problems

For example.

1. \(-5y+3=2\left(4y+12\right)\)
2. \(\frac{4}{x^{2}-2x}-\frac{2}{x-2}=-\frac{1}{2}\)
3.  \(x\sqrt{x}=-x\)
4. \(\begin{vmatrix} x-a \end{vmatrix}=a^{2}-x^{2}\)
5. \(4^{x^{2}+1}-2^{x^{2}+2}=8\)
6.  \(log_{2}(2^{x}-1)+x=log_{4}(144)\)
7.  \(\left\{\begin{matrix}x^{2}+y^{2}=17+2x & \\ (x-1)^{2}+(y-8)^{2}=34 & \end{matrix}\right.\)

Algebra Word Problems deal with real time situations and solutions which can be solved using algebra  for example:

Linear Equation in One Variable 

There are various methods For Solving the Linear Equations

  • Cross multiplication method
  • Replacement method
  • Hit and trial method

There is another category of problems as such Quadratic Equations which is of the form \(ax^{2}+bx+c\)

Algebra problems along with their solutions

Basic Algebra Problems

There are Variety of different Algebra problem present, and are solved depending upon their functionality and state, for example, a linear equation problem can’t be solved using a quadratic equation formula and vice verse for, e.g., x+x/2=7 then solve for x is an equation in one variable for x which can be satisfied by only one value of x.

whereas x2+5x+6 is a quadratic equation which is satisfied for two values of x the domain of algebra is huge and vast so for more information; please visit

where different techniques are explained different algebra  problem Currently, 12 lakh students are using byjus to overcome their phobia against algebra and much more topics.

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