Class 2 Science

Class 2 science is the stage where students get a glimpse into what makes up our world. From the tiny microscopic world of microbes to gargantuan galaxies spawning millions of light years, science has an explanation for how things work the way it does in our universe. But it all starts small.

From your class 2 science book, we discover the world bit by bit, asking an obscene amount questions along the way until we look up at the stars and wonder who placed them there. There is a lot to explore and science is like a window to the world. There are a million questions to ask and a million more to find the answers too. From a simple class 2 science question about the animal kingdom to a graduate level question which asks the origins of the universe, science has got your back covered. Even though, humans have been around for a long time, we haven’t discovered everything that is there to discover. Humanity’s biggest questions still needs answers and science needs to find its next generation of Einsteins and Isaac Newtons.

From another perspective, the CBSE syllabus for class 2 science has a prescribed content which is appropriate for students of that age group. But the learning process is bounded by the increasing complexity of the concepts. Therefore, the process of learning should never stop or pause and we need to teach the thirst for knowledge in the minds of the students.

For instance, let’s take a look at a question often seen in a class 2 science book: “Which planet spins on its side?” The student would most probably say “Uranus.” And he would be right, but the learning process shouldn’t stop there. The next question should be “Why does it spin on its side?” followed by, “How did that happen?” Then, the student should ask “Why did that happen?” and so on. Hence, the thirst for knowledge should never be satiated because it could mean the end of learning.

From the most fundamental topics such as our solar system to more complex concepts such as quantum mechanics, science plays a vital role in creating a new generation of individuals who form the cream of the crop in our society. But for now, it all starts here, with class 2 science and its related subjects. And the next time your child faces difficulty with any class 2 science questions, answer them and remind them to keep asking why.

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