Line Segment And Ray

We come across many shapes in daily life. Consider a triangle, a square or any other shape. To draw any of these figures, one begins with a line or a line segment or a curve. Depending upon the number and arrangement of these lines we get distinct types of shapes and figures. For example, a triangle is a figure enclosed by 3 line segments, Pentagon is a polygon bounded by 5 line segments and so on. We have already discussed line now let us see what is line segment and ray.

What is a Line Segment?

Line Segment

A line segment is a part of a line having two endpoints. Figures such as a triangle, polygon, hexagon, square are made of different numbers of line segments. The measure of a line segment is called its length.  In contrast to the infinitely extending line, a line segment has a fixed length and can be measured easily. A line segment with A and B as two endpoints is represented as \(\overline{AB}\).

Line segment example

What is a Ray?


Ray is another part of a line. It is a combination of a line and a line segment which has an infinitely extending end and one terminating end. As it’s one end is non-terminating, its length cannot be measured. A ray is represented by \(\overrightarrow{AB}\)  where one end is symbolized by an endpoint and the infinitely extending part by an arrow.

Ray example

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Quiz on Line segments and ray

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