Difference Between Morbidity And Mortality

Morbid is a word which refers to illness, disease or sickness. It is a state of being unhealthy within a population. The rate of morbidity varies, and it depends on the type of disease. Morbidity rate helps doctors to know the risk the disease and make the recommendation. Morbidity can be measured with the help of SOFA, Glasgow Coma scale, etc. The state of being mortal is called mortality. The mortality rate is defined as the death rate in a population. The rate at which humans die varies based on wealth, geographic location, the incidence of illness (morbidity), etc.

Difference Between Morbidity And Mortality

Properties Morbidity Mortality
Meaning The state of being unhealthy or diseased State of being mortal
Refers to Count of ill health in a population Count of number of deaths in a population
Database World Health Statistics by WHO The Human Mortality Database developed
Morbidity/ Mortality rate Based on the type of disease, gender, age, etc. Child mortality rate, crude death rates, infant mortality rate, the maternal mortality rate, etc.
Measured ICU scoring systems Number of deaths for every thousand people

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