Difference Between Transpiration And Guttation

Transpiration is defined as the process of water loss in the form of vapor from the aerial parts of plants. It is not a type of secretion and occurs in high temperatures through all the parts of the leaf. It is favored by dry conditions and can be influenced by many factors such as environment humidity, wind flow, nature of stomata, etc. Guttation is a type of secretion which occurs in low-temperature conditions only through the margin of the leaves. Both these process cause permanent loss of water from the plants. Below are major differences between transpiration and guttation for better understanding.

Difference Between Transpiration And Guttation

Characteristics Transpiration Guttation
Define Loss of water in the form of vapor Loss of water in the form of water drops
Occurs in All plants like a universal phenomenon Some plants like tomato, grasses, etc.
Amount of water lost More Less’
Controlled process Yes No
Cooling effect on plants Yes No
Root pressure Not involved in this process Plays a vital role in guttation
Process occurs through Lenticles, stomata, cuticle Hydathodes
Time During daytime During night time

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