Different Ways of Taking Food

Food is required by all the organisms. The animal nutrition includes the nutrient requirements, the mode of food intake, and the utilization of food in the body. The intake of food is called ingestion. The ingested food is broken down into simpler substances in the process called digestion. The mode of food intake varies in different organisms. Let us have a look at the different ways of taking food by the organisms.

How Animals Eat Their Food

Animals Food Consumed Mode of Food Intake
Humming Bird Nectar Sucking
Human Beings Fruits, Vegetables Mouth (Chewing and Swallowing)
Snakes Rats Swallowing
Frogs Insects Swallowing (Sticky Tongue)
Earthworm Decaying Matter Swallowing (Muscular Pharynx)
Spiders Insects Grinding
Amoeba Tiny Food Particles Engulfing (Pseudopodia)
Hydra Insects and Fish Tentacles
Bees Nectar Sucking
Snail Grass Chewing
Ants Insects Scraping
Housefly Decaying Matter Brewing
Lice Blood Sucking
Butterfly Nectar Sucking

Thus, we can see that different organisms have different modes of nutrition. Few organisms have a well-developed digestive system to digest their food. The lower organisms do not have proper digestive organs. The food is broken down into smaller particles and transported to various parts of the body. The waste products are eliminated through the excretory organs in the body.

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