Food production

Food production, as the name suggests, is all about preparing food in which raw materials are converted into ready-made food products for human use either in the home or in the food processing industries. It process comprises of art and scientific approach. Food production has many sections and it starts with basic things like cleaning, packing, segregating, sorting, preparing, adding ingredients in correct proportions, presenting, etc.

How is food produced?

There are large numbers of plant and animal products, which are used for our wellbeing. They provide us food and the daily food, which we eat, comes from both plants and animals. These include grains, pulses, spices, honey, nuts, cereals, milk, vegetables, fruits, egg, meat, chicken, etc. The existence of our life is completely depended on plants and animals. Altogether both plant and animal species provide 90% of the global energy.

Food production

Types of food production

Food production is further classified into different types including, cultivation, selection, crop management, harvesting, crop production, preserving, baking, pasteurizing, pudding, carving, butchers, fermenting, pickling, drink and candy makers, restaurants, etc.

Methods of food production

  • Chopping or slicing of vegetables.
  • Curing food.
  • Grinding and marinating.
  • Emulsification.
  • Food fermentation.
  • Fermenting beer at brewing industries.
  • Boiling, broiling, frying, grilling, steaming and mixing.
  • Pasteurization.
  • Fruit juice processing.
  • Removing the outer layers either by peeling and skinning.
  • Gasification of soft drinks.
  • Preserving and packaging of food products by vacuum packs.

Introduction to hospitality industry

Hospitality industry

The hospitality industry is a part of the service industry that includes lodging, amusement parks, tourism, transportation etc. A hospitality unit like restaurants, bars, hotels etc., consists of many sections of cooking, cleaning, managing, etc.

Education plays a critical role in this profession. Food production is not just cooking and serving. Apart from this, they have to invent, assume, build and manage people.

It is growing very fast and there are many opportunities in the hospitality industry. Food and beverages industry is one of the major contributing sectors under hospitality industry.

There are many sources of ready-made food like hotels, caterings, event organizations etc. To know more about these it is essential to know how food is processed in the kitchen.

Introduction to kitchen


A kitchen is a place where food is being cooked which has all the equipment that is required for cooking. The chef is the person who is involved in managing the entire kitchen and cooking along with his staff. There are different unit involved in food preparation from selection to waste disposal. Before preparing food it is mandatory to follow food safety guidelines and the personal hygiene.

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