Kidneys are the organs that play a major role in the functioning of different organs of the Human body. They are involved in the removal of waste matters from our body and also is involved in the purification of blood. The word  ‘Nephritis’ is a kind of disease that causes inflammation in the kidney bladder. It generally affects the interstitial tissues which surround the tubules and the glomeruli present in the kidney. It is also called as Acute nephritis.

This disease is caused due to the infections and also due to the immune disorders which not only affect the kidney but also the other organs present in the body. In General, it is the infection of the kidney. It also causes proliferation in the cell structure.

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Types of Nephritis

Different types of Nephritis affecting the human body are given below:

  • Interstitial nephritis or tubulointerstitial nephritis

It is a kind of nephritis that causes an infection in spaces of the kidney tubules. The cause for this type of disease is a low amount of potassium in the blood of the body and it also results due to intake of medicines which damage the kidney tissues.

  • Pyelonephritis

It is another kind of nephritis related to a kidney infection. It is mainly caused due to the bacteria naming Escherichia Coli. This bacteria is found in the small intestine of the human body. It travels in the bladder and the kidneys through the urethra causing Pyelonephritis. This is a kind of bacterial infection within the tubules of kidneys. This nephritis is the main cause for the formation of kidney stones in the kidney.

  • Glomerulo or Chronic nephritis

This is a kind of disease that affects the immune system of the body. This also causes cancer risks. However, the main cause of this type of disease is not known yet.

Symptoms of Nephritis

Some of the symptoms related to nephritis include-

  • Develop a pelvic pain
  • Feel of pain or burning while urinating
  • The flow of blood in the urine
  • Develop a pain in the abdomen region
  • The body parts such as legs, feet, face and etc swell
  • The feeling of nausea or vomiting sensation
  • Develop fever
  • The blood pressure increases and many more.

Treatment for Nephritis

Necessary treatments and medications in a proper manner will help to come through this disease in early stages.

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