Osteoporosis is a disease of bones that makes them lose their strength, increases the risk of bone breakage, following a small bump or an unexpected fall. The broken bones are also known as fractures which occur because of less strength and are called as fragility fractures. Osteoporosis could be caused due to lack of lower peak bone mass. This bone loss increases after menopause because of lower levels of estrogen. It could also occur due to certain diseases including hyperthyroidism, kidney diseases, surgical removal of ovaries and anorexia.



Bones provide your body with structure, support, and protection for internal organs. They are made up of calcium and different other minerals that work with your body muscles, allowing your body to move from one point to another. They also have bone marrow where blood cells are developed. The outer look of bones seems to be very simple and solid in structure. They attain a perfect design that helps the skeleton to become strong without any heaviness. Each bone consists of 2 types of bone tissues.

 Types of Bone Tissues

  • Cortical Bone- A thick outer cover or shell
  • Trabecular Bone- A strong mesh exists inside the shell

These types of bone tissues are usually assisted by a nerve and blood supply whereas the fat and bone marrow cover all the spaces between. There are certain bones at the end of the long bones such as the ones in the legs and arms have a great proportion of trabecular bone.

At the age of 35 or beyond that, the amount of bone would be determined by the difference between the removal part. Another part that is laid down starts to get out of balance as it is a part of the aging process. This results in the decrease of a number of bone tissues. This situation is known as bone thinning or bone loss which does not mean that your bones will look different from outside. Inside the bone- cortical shell and the struts that make up the whole inner structure becomes thinner and sometimes it breaks down.

Symptoms of Osteoporosis


Fractures are the most dangerous aspect of this disease. In this, debilitating acute and chronic pain could lead to further disability. These fractures might be asymptomatic. The fractures of the long bones acutely impair mobility and might necessitate surgery.

Broken wrists

Broken wrists

If you have broken wrist, then it could be the first symptom that you have osteoporosis. In women, wrist fractures often happen after the menopause and usually occur following a fall as people usually put their arm in front to stop their fall. Healthy bones should be able to stop a simple fall but a broken bone in these situations is an indication of osteoporosis.

A Broken hip

Broken Hips

Broken Hips

The most common place for a hip, when broken, is the top of the thigh bone. A person has broken their hip as a result of osteoporosis then one must be in their late 70s or 80s. This type of fracture usually occurs when one fall. A broken hip can be very painful and has an immediate impact on their daily living like any other fracture. In most of the cases, this fracture even necessitates an operation. If some person is old, he/she may be coming up with different medical conditions and making that hip breakage recovery complicated from an operation.

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You must have noticed that if there is a new born child in your family, after doing the oil massage, the babies are put in the sun for a while. It is said, it makes their bones strong. Being a science student can you give the reason behind this?