Significance of Seeds and Fruits Formation

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Seeds and fruits are formed by fertilization. In angiosperms, two structures are formed as a result of double fertilization – a diploid zygote and a triploid primary endosperm cell. The zygote develops into an embryo, whereas the endosperm cell gives rise to endosperm. It provides nourishment to the growing embryo. Both fruits and seeds are an important part of angiosperms.

Let us have an overview of the significance of fruits and seeds in detail.

Significance of Seed Formation

Following is the significance of seed formation:

Dependable Method

Seed formation is a dependable method. This is because pollination and fertilization of seed plants do not require water.


Seeds are dry and have a dormant embryo with a thick protective seed coat. Thus, it is suitable for perennation during unfavourable conditions.


Seeds have the ability to disperse to a new habitat and colonise there.

Reserve Food

Seeds contain reserved food for nourishing the young seedlings until they are capable of producing food on their own.


Seeds are produced by sexual reproduction. Due to this, they carry a number of variations which helps them to adapt to different environmental conditions.


Seeds have stored food supply throughout the year, especially during unfavourable conditions.

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Significance of Fruit Formation

Following is the significance of fruit formation:


The developing fruits protect the seeds from unfavourable conditions, mechanical injury and pests.


Fruits help in the dispersal of seeds to distant places.

Animal Food

Fleshy fruits are eaten by animals who also disperse the seeds to other places.

Provide Nutrition to Germinating Seeds

Some fruits also provide nutrition for developing and germinating seeds.

Important for Humans

Fruits are an important source of food, organic acids, vitamins, minerals, proteins, oil and sugar.

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