Winner’s Guide to Reading Comprehension

While appearing for CAT and approaching the Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension section, one often come across two kinds of people who either find scoring well in Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension to be a cinch OR are terrified of them and cannot wrap their head around the questions asked.

Catering to the latter, while supplementing the former’s strengths, one should know the fundamental issues that each person faces when it comes to CAT Verbal ability and Reading Comprehension.

CAT Exam 2020

  • Problem: Diminished Interest In Reading

The fact of the matter is, English is not everyone’s native language. Hence it is reasonable to say that some people neither converse in English regularly nor are very inclined to pick it up as a challenge. Here is where lies the actual problem.

Solution: Linguistic and semantic understanding of a language will only develop when you get out of your comfort zone and take a keen interest in building your communication (written and spoken) skills in English. It is the principal expectation from an employable MBA candidate.

Winner's Guide to Reading Comprehension

  • Problem: Inherent Lack Of Reading

It could be due to a sheer lack of interest or busy schedules leaving you with little time to catch up on your daily quota of reading. Either way, you are not allotting sufficient time to read.

Solution: If you are a serious MBA aspirant, you should be aware that you will be required to assess and analyze a pile of case studies, solve tricky assignment questions and be abreast with all the news available at your dispense. If you don’t start reading and reading more, you will be in vexation later.

  • Problem: Weaker Command on Comprehension

This is due to a reduced voracity in reading. It leads to a poorer vocabulary and grammar, which in turn cause people to fret and worry and eventually give up.

Solution: Increase the diversity of topics that you choose to read on. Include lots of variety — Economics, Politics, Philosophy, Music, Art, Science & Technology to mention a few. It will not only keep your interest renewed but induce a hunger to know more about things which you were hitherto unaware of. Maintain a journal of all possible meanings of the new words you come across.

  • Problem: Inability TO Understand Questions

An ineptitude to understand what the questions following an RC passage stem from improperly comprehending the passage OR a mind clouded with fear and anxiety to answer correctly and quickly.

Solution: If the former is your problem, follow the solution to the previously stated problem: Read more and voraciously. Jot down the meanings of words you don’t understand. If you suffer from the latter, re-read the question without being perturbed.

  • Problem: Slower Speed While Solving RC Questions

This is a problem faced by numerous aspirants. There is a difference between being comfortable with the language and reading a passage and answering the questions at a quicker pace.

Solution: When appearing for CAT, not only understanding the passage but doing so quickly is important to obtain a high score. It only comes with practicing more questions and evaluating your speed by timing yourself.

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